Blood test result

Hi. My son is 3 years old. He has a swollen lymph node in his neck. His blood test results came back today. Please look at them and let me know if I can wait till Tuesday to book appointment or do I need to go to A and e?

Thank you very much.

The concerning ones were
Vitamin D - 13 (normal range >49)
Hadmoglobin estimation - 112 (normal range 115-145)
Haematocrit - 0.333 (normal range 0.35 - 0.45)
Platelet count - 447 (normal range 150 - 400)
Platelet distribution width - 7.3 (normal range 9.00 - 16.00)
Eosinophil count - 1.21 (normal range 0.30 - 0.80)

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Hi @Jesima a great big welcome to our forum and I was struck by your obvious anxiety, concern and also maternal feelings for your 3 yr old son.
You have got a copy of your son’s blood test results.
Unfortunately we cannot comment on his blood test results as it would have to be the person who asked for them in the first place who would usually have seen them before you got a copy.
If they felt immediate action needed to be taken then I hope they would have told you.
I often say if I am going to get an infection it will be on a Friday afternoon.
You also have a bank holiday weekend coming up.
The not knowing and waiting is horrible.
Your son’s symptom could probably be a number of things and the same with his blood test results.
I am definitely not a medical person, which I stress, but personally I would say that the important aspects are if your son’s symptom changes or you feel your son appears unwell then it is ringing 111 or going to A&E immediately.
Then on Tuesday perhaps it is contacting whoever ordered your son’s blood tests and asking all your concerns.
Perhaps use the weekend to write all your questions down and doing lovely, distracting .things with your son.
Please let us know how you get on
Look after yourselves

Hi @Jesima ,

Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear that your are worried about your little boy, especially over the long bank holiday weekend.

I think the doctor who ordered the blood test would have contacted you by telephone if they thought your son needed emergency care. This once happened to me when I got an unexpected telephone call from the GP on a Saturday morning saying my daughter’s blood tests had shown an infection and a prescription had been sent to the local pharmacy. If you are really worried, you could try ringing nhs 111 for advice. Obviously, if your son becomes really poorly take him and your copy of the test results to your local Urgent Care Centre or A+E. Otherwise make an appointment on Tuesday with your GP.

I hope the above helps and I hope you and your family are able to enjoy the holiday weekend.

Best wishes

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Hi @Jesima, thank you for your post and a warm welcome to the forum. It sounds as though it’s been a really worrying time for you, and understandably so when we are talking about your young son here. You have been given some great suggestions already and I just wanted to re-iterate that certainly, should your son be unwell please don’t hesitate to call 111 for advice, or 999/A&E if he is suddenly very unwell.

Please do feel free to call our Support Line if you need a bit of support and wish to talk things through (Blood cancer information and support by phone and email | Blood Cancer UK).

Take good care of yourself.
Best wishes,

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Thank you very much for replying ladies. My son has been referred for a scan. Do you know how long that will take?

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Hi @Jesima, thank you for updating us and it’s good to hear your GP has taken action here. How long these things take can vary depending on local region, capacity, if it’s an urgent or routine referral, and so on. Please don’t hesitate to check in with your GP again about this and you could consider asking if there’s a contact number for the department in case you’d find it useful to follow it up yourself as well?
As ever we’re here for you if you need any support.

Best wishes,

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