BMB results further tests and second opinion

Hi @Lou69 biopsy results can take time and Easter always slows things down.
I have learnt to be pleasantly assertive over the years and to write down what I want to say and ask and not end the appointment until i am happy.
Perhaps you might make a chasing up for results call.
When you do get the results and if you do not get answers then you might ask what is next on the checklist which is what medical people do in order to get a diagnosis and plan.
Obviously with your previous kidney issues you will be extra anxious but 6 mths is a long while to be in pain and that is something else to stress.
Please do keep posting how you are doing and be kind to yourself

Hi Erica , thank you so much for your advice .
I will definitely write some questions down and ask what’s the next step .
It’s been a long 6’months in pain with very little to go by so let’s hope the consultant has some answers and help going forward.

I will definitely update my progress.

Many thanks Lou69

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Results day tomorrow

Hi , I have my results from my bone marrow biopsy tomorrow, I’m nervous how the appointment is going to go .

I’ve questions to ask so I feel I’m
organised as I’ve felt throughout my 7 months journey with various Haematologists I haven’t asked much to be honest .

Since my 3 month wait while my biopsy was sent of for further testing which has been torture in itself , I’ve noticed some new symptoms.
I’m going to mention but a little apprehensive it’s a little to late , and could get dismissed.
Perhaps the consultant has already made a diagnosis or it’s nothing?
I’ve also had left sided pain since my last appointment, contacted the hospital for advice and medication to help .

Originally thought it could be from a previous kidney operation, but CT scan etc all clear but the pain is still persistent and present .

My partner comes with me but not into the appointment, he will be tomorrow just incase I miss any questions and for support mainly.

Any support or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you Lou69


Oh @Lou69 I shall be thinking about you at your appointment, I have learnt to be ‘pleasantly assertive’ and persistent’ till I feel everything is covered.
It is so natural to feel nervous, I still do after 19 yrs.
We await hearing how you get on.
Look after yourself

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Hello Erica , thank you for your reply and support .
I’m definitely not going to leave my appointment until I’m happy. I’ve learnt some valuable things just by joining the forum and that’s one of them so I’m so grateful.

Off course I’ll update you and let you know how the appointment goes . Take care too.



@Lou69 I really hope you get some answers at your appointment. I can only imagine how tough all this waiting must have been for you. Glad your partner is going with you for some support.
If you want to talk things through with us, either before or after your appointment, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0808 2080 888. We’re here to support you however we can. Alice


Hi Alice , thank you for your reply and kind words .
I’m hoping the appointment goes as well as can be and I definitely need some answers I given the amount of time I’ve had to wait .

I’ll keep in touch . Thank you



Hi Erica , just thought I would update how my appointment went today.
My results from my bone marrow were clear which I’m very happy about for sure .
My platelet count is apparently normal for me although over the average.

However I didn’t get all the answers, regarding left side pain despite all the tests coming back fine .
The consultant couldn’t help me and suggested to take it up with my GP

I am not sure what to do ?
Now I’m considering going private but if nothing showed up on the scans etc
Off course I’m not doubting the amazing work by the NHS but I’ve been suffering for 2 months
The only other thing I can think of is that I have pulled / strained a muscle .

Any advice would be appreciated

Thank you


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@Lou69 it might be worth checking if you have pulled/ strained a muscle, I have found they can take a very long time to heal. Chiropractors, (sports) therapists, osteopaths have helped me in the past.
Perhaps your GP might help in advising the way forward.
Be kind to yourself I find the more I tense up the worse the pain can be.

Thank you Erica for your reply and advice.
I will definitely give this some thought going forward .

You have been amazing throughout my journey and I can’t thank you enough for the support you have given me .

Take care too