Bone pain and night sweats

Hi, I am just wondering how you managed bone pain and night sweats? I’ve tried morphine patch’s but they made me feel really sick and I can’t seem to find any natural thing to help with the night sweats, but I also have the sweats throughout the day too, anyone else experienced that and how do you manage it if you do? Leonardo


Hi @Leonardo93 a great big welcome to our forum and you have already shown the value of it by your other post, thanks.
I wish I could help you but since diagnosis I seem to have night/day sweats when others are cold and I am cold when others are hot sometimes. I just live with it.
As for bone pain I find nothing touches it and again I just live with it.
Neither of my symptoms seem nearly as bad as yours and I wonder if you have taken medical advice about them?
Take care of yourself and I will copy your post to @GemmaBloodCancerUK and @LauranBloodCancerUK in case they have any handy hints or if you would like to speak to someone The Blood Cancer UK support line is there for you

Dear @Leonardo93, thank you for posting and welcome to the Forum. May I ask what your diagnosis is? It will be helpful to know for advising you.
Night sweats are challenging to deal with but there are some methods that may help:
Cooling your room with a fan
Keeping well hydrated
Avoiding stimulants such as caffeine, spicy foods or alcohol prior to bedtime
Having breathable fabrics for bed clothes - natural fibres like cotton
Who is prescribing your pain relief as this will require a discussion to minimise your pain and improve any side effects you experience.
Do call if you need to talk things through: How to contact Blood Cancer UK | Blood Cancer UK
Kind regards


Thank you for your fast reply, it’s much appreciated. I was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2020 and some of the side affects was one of the reasons I was originally going to
The gp. Yet once diagnosed the symptoms I was having I.e sore soles etc was not even one of the symptoms ;( very strange.

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Yes I have had pain killers, I had morphine patch’s, but they made me itch and feel sick, I was also given some tablets but gave me a awful taste in my mouth. The pain is more in my upper arms and legs rather than all over. A hot bath seems to help sometimes though. Thanks for your fast reply.


Hello again @Leonardo93, I would encourage you to talk further to your Haematology team to help with your pain management. There are Symptom Control teams that can offer alternatives to try to help with your pain. Please do persist as chronic pain is very draining I am sure.
Take care