Night sweats

Hi I’m getting night sweats. I’m soo anxious I’m not drenched but I’m sweating my back my chest and legs. Scary thoughts go on in my mind.
I had blood test they came clear cholesterol, diabetes, vitamin d was 50, doctors saying all clear but says it’s because of anxiety.
I’m sooo scared to go sleep as I know il be awake during night drying myself up.
Please any advice how can I mentally cope with this


Hi @Mughal it really sounds from your post how scared and anxious your are.
Anything unexplained is so scary and I think that my thoughts and emotions have been on high alert since my diagnosis 19yrs ago.
Also the less sleep I get the less my emotions thoughts and emotions work properly.
You ask how you can emotionally cope with it.
The Blood Cancer UK website have some handy hints Blood cancer: mind and emotions | Blood Cancer UK this is the link.
Some people find counselling helps, it’s not for everyone, however I found it very helpful to talk through my scary thoughts.
There might be local services and perhaps your GP or hospital can help or local charity organisations like Hospice Services, Macmillan or Maggies centres in your hospital, if they have them.
I find music or fresh air and appropriate exercise helps me.
As for your night sweats if your doctor is aware of their severity and affect on your life then perhaps you might ask for a second opinion.
I will copy your post to the Blood Cancer UK nurse advisors just in case they can add anything @BloodCancerUK_Nurses.
Be kind to yourself and perhaps be aware that most services close down over the holidays, but we are here on the forum if you need us.


Hi @Mughal, thank you for sharing here and I’m so sorry to hear of the night sweats you’ve been dealing with. It’s really so understandable to be feeling anxious when we have symptoms that are troubling us. Erica has given you some excellent signposting there. Would you like to talk this through with a member of our Support Team? Please do give us a call on 0808 2080 888 if you’d find that helpful. We are open 10am to 1pm on weekends/bank holidays, 10am to 7pm on Mondays, and 10am to 4pm the rest of the week. We’d be happy to support you however we can.

May I ask if you’ve been able to share the impact this has been having on your life with your doctor at all? We’d strongly encourage you to do so if not, so that they can better support you. Indeed as Erica mentioned you may request a second opinion, or to speak with the Practice Manager, if you feel your concerns are not being addressed. The GP may also be aware of local services, including counselling, if this would be useful for you.

May I whether your GP did request a ‘full blound count’ for you amongst your blood tests?

Do take care of yourself, and we are here for you if you’d like to talk any of this through.

Best wishes,


Hi @Mughal I have been thinking of you and I just wondered how you are now?
Look after and be kind to yourself

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