Night sweats

I have very heavy night sweats. Having to change my T shirt tops 4 times in a night results in disturbed sleep and tired, anxious days. I s there any way of relieving this? I have tried different ways of going to bed Ie; full stomach, empty stomach etc but there does not seem to be any pattern to the synptoms.


Hi @olgalockley I am so glad that you have joined our forum
I am not surprised that your night sweats are meaning that you have tired, anxious days.
Perhaps this is worth checking out with your medical team as they know your whole medical history.
I am presuming that you have a blood cancer and you never know perhaps your night sweats are due to something else, we are very complex beings.
Others might be able to share their experiences
I attach this from the NHS website
Night sweats - NHS (
Look after yourself and please do let us know how you get on and more about you.

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Hi @olgalockley,
A very warm welcome to our forum. I too am very pleased you have reached out to us. Your night sweats do sounds incredibly debilitating for you and i am so sorry you are going through a difficult time right now.

Can i ask if you have been able to talk to your medical team about the frequency and severity of these? If not we would strongly encourage you do let them know how this is impacting you. Do not be frightened to call your team and let them know how much you are suffering.

Do you have a contact number for your haematology team or clinical nurse specialist at all?

I also would like you to know Olga that you are very welcome to contact our support helpline should you prefer to talk anything through- 0808 2080 888. We are very much here for you in anyway we can be.

Take good care, Lauran

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Thanks for your letter Lauran. It made me laugh. I do not have a ‘medical team.’ My GP (one of them who can barely speak English) has sent me a tube of anti-itch ointment! I have asked for an appointment with a cancer consultant - who knows? it might happen?

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Hi @olgalockley,
Thanks for coming back to me. I am pleased you have asked your GP to refer you to a haematology team. Your diagnosis means you have the right and should be under the care of a haematology team.
Can i ask, have you ever been seen by a consultant within a haematology team?

Please do give our helpline a call if you would like to talk things through- 0808 2080 888.

I hope you are doing okay today, Lauran

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