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Coronavirus Vaccine: Third dose

Dear Blood Cancer UK,
Thank you for the helpful information that you have sent out on Twitter about the difference between the ‘third vaccine’ (a full dose) and the ‘over 50’s booster’ (a half dose). If I have understood everything correctly you have explained that:
(a) The Third Vaccines and Booster Vaccines are different things
(b) They should not be administered at the same time
(c) The Third Vaccine can be given 8 weeks after the second vaccine
(d) The booster, if given, should be 6 months after the third dose.
I have not come across this information anywhere else and if I was not a Twitter user, maybe not at all. My excellent Consultant who is always finger-on-the-pulse about treatments etc did not seem to know what I was talking about. Nor did my GP practice.
It seems as if the initiative is designed to be taken by the patient to communicate with their consultant and/or GP. So for this reason I am posting this on the Forum in case the information is of help to anyone, although obviously please check it out. It may be that by now the hospitals and GPs have been alerted, I don’t know .Thank you anyway, BCUK for being proactive in sending out helpful information on Social Media. The thought of a Third Vaccine is a hopeful one. My consultant has arranged for me to have a Spike Protein Test next week. It would be so interesting if this is repeated to see how much difference the third Dose might make.


Hi @Coastgirl I will copy this to Blood Cancer UK to make sure that they pick it up.
@Alice_BloodCancerUK, @Bav.BloodCancerUK, @LauranBloodCancerUK, @JoBloodCancerUK

Thank you so much for passing this on@Erica

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The following link which I read a few days ago is quite interesting and helpful.

I tried contacting my GP surgery, 119 and Haematology Secretary- but with no success.
After contacting the Leukaemia Care advocacy team and reading this article, I just booked the booster vaccine and hope that it will be documented as my 3rd Vaccine on the computer system retrospectively, when the issue is resolved!


Dear @Gillian281,

Thank you for posting this link. It is helpful to get an idea of timescale when it says:

'NHS England issued new guidance to hospital trusts on 30 September, with instructions that action be taken immediately to contact all those eligible for their third dose by 11 October.’

I think therefore I am going to wait until next week before contacting my GP about my Third Dose. I am concerned to make sure I get a full dose (however it gets recorded on the system) not a half dose that I think is being given in the booster jabs.

I hope it all works out well for you.

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Hi Coastgirl!
I listened to a really informative webinar that explained all about the 3rd vaccine and booster vaccine. The 3rd vaccine and booster vaccine are the same vaccine, it is just the recording of the dose that is important, so that you will be offered a booster vaccine 6 months post 3rd vaccine.
Below is a link to the webinar provided by Leukaemia Care:
Take care and keep safe.



Hi @Coastgirl, you might also find our blog here helpful so we’d really encourage you to take a look - What should you do if you have blood cancer and cannot get a third Covid vaccine dose? | Blood Cancer UK. It explains how the third primary dose should be given at least 8 weeks after your second dose. This is different from a booster (for people without blood cancer) which is being given 6 months later.

It also explains “If you are struggling to get your third primary dose, but you are invited for a booster dose (which may be happen if you’re over 50 or have another health condition), you should take it. But ask the person giving it to you what vaccine you’re having and what dose is being given. This is because if Moderna is being used as a booster in the general population, it is given as a half dose, and people with blood cancer should be given a full dose. You should check this with the person giving you the vaccine. Pfizer boosters are always given as a full dose. We have been told that Moderna is not being used for booster doses at the moment so it should not be an issue at the moment, but we expect the NHS to start using them for booster doses in the next few weeks”.

Don’t be afraid to get in touch with your GP as soon as possible to talk this through with them. Really hope this has clarified a few things but as always please do give us a shout if you have any more questions.

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HI there

I have discovered that I am not eligible for the third dose! I inject Methotrexate for RA but not a big enough dose to earn the third jab and despite having ET as well.

I can only assume this is because I am currently, by choice, only taking aspirin daily. Up to now I have refused other, more toxic meds.

Hopefully this may also mean that I have managed to produce some antibodies after my double jab? However nobody seems to know and I am still unable to get an antibody test.

I have now decided to just get on with a normal life and have booked three major trips over the next 18 months, a couple of them to places that most people can’t find on a map!!

I hope that all those of you who are waiting for your third dose, get it asap and benefit from it. It is good to know that the lobbying as worked. My CP practice nurse says all the letters are going out this week or early next week but I’m not sure if that will be countrywide or just locally.

Keep well everyone xx

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Thank you Gillian for posting the webinar link. It is so informative. Luckily my consultant has arranged for me to have a third dose without me having to ask so I feel very lucky not to have to fight for it. Thank you to everyone contributing to the forum on this subject. Your comments have been so helpful especially recently now everyone is ‘back to normal’ and thinks I am making an unnecessary fuss. Life has definitely been harder since 19th July but I am feeling optimistic with a third dose and then a booster to look forward to.

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Hi @Quercus, thank you for you comment and support.
Due to your diagnosis of ET we believe you should be eligible for the 3rd dose and this is stated in the letter here: https://bit.ly/3uR8eOU which you can take to your GP. Please do find other information on our webpages regarding COVID vaccines that may be useful: What should you do if you have blood cancer and cannot get a third Covid vaccine dose? | Blood Cancer UK
Take care

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I’ve had my vaccine this morning and they were able to put a note on the computer system to say that this should have been my 3rd Primary dose rather than a booster, so that was reassuring.


That’s great news @Gillian281, thanks for letting us know.

Best Wishes

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I had contacted my consultant’s secretary to ask them to request a third full Covid vaccine about two weeks ago.
I had an invitation for a booster dose from my GP. I booked the appointment and then phoned them to advise them that I had been expecting a call for a third full vaccine. They thanked me for calling and said they would check my notes and advise the vaccination team. When I arrived and was registered I said I was expecting the third full vaccine. They thanked me for reminding them and moved me to another member of staff who checked into my nhs records. They confirmed the GP had asked for it.
I thank you for the advice you have been giving to us. I do not feel that the system us working in a silkily smooth way but you gave me the confidence and information that I needed to get the jab which I should have. Now I wonder if the six month booster invitation will arrive.


Hi all, we’d be really grateful if you could fill out our Third Dose Survey so that we can get an understanding of the full extent of this issue - Covid-19 - Third Dose Survey (alchemer.com)

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Thank you @BCUK_SupportTeam for posting this helpful link. I am still no further with getting my third jab so I will follow this advice.

I hope @Quercus that you will be able to get yours after all and good luck with those major trips away which sound really adventurous!

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So pleased for you @Gillian281! It encourages me to hear of other people getting their third dose.

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Thank you Alice_BloodCancerUK :smiley:


So pleased for you @Darish! It’s good hearing that some people are getting them. I can’t wait!

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Thanks for that Gillian281. Mine’s next Sunday, so will try to get the same on my record. Not sure how I feel about the site though “The old Cattle Mart”!


That’s great news!
I had mine yesterday, also noted as ‘third dose’ :slight_smile: 'Flu vaccine is on Saturday . . .
All done via my GP surgery after a bit of prompting with info. posted on here!
Thankyou, everyone