Covid hospitalisation rates of the immunocompromised?

Reassuring to hear about the effectiveness of the treatments. I just wish it was possible to have some to take on holiday as a precaution but doctor said no. I am home from Lanzerote and so far so good, no covid symptoms and feeling much better for 2 weeks in the sun.


Thanks Alice. I have often wondered how many of those who have died from covid have blood cancer. It would help us to keep some perspective if we knew. It seems someone is looking at this but it takes time to report the facts. Frustrating but I trust you will keep us informed in due course.


You sure love your sun, @ilivesunshine I knew it as soon as I saw your name.
Now’s the time to plan your next break.

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Hi @Elrod a great big welcome to our forum and a great question.
I might be cynical but over the last couple of years I have decided that statistics can be very misleading unless they can be considered in a complete context.
I would also be interested in comparing how many people died from Covid in a year to flu, but then less people have died from flu because of social isolating for the last couple of years. Then the timing of the vaccination programme would need to be taken into account . Also the age demographics would be interesting.
The way deaths are recorded can cause confusion as well
I think it is a matter of pressing a button on a computer but if only life were that easy.
I look forward to hearing more from you and look after yourself