Covid vaccination after rebound Covid?

Don’t know if this falls within the remit of this forum so please excuse and ignore me if it isn’t. I’m a 79 year old fogey, diagnosed with Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) 14 months ago and am on watch and wait. Having avoided Covid for more than 2 years, I recently had a prolonged double bout of it, so-called Covid rebound. I was given antiviral treatment for the first 5 days. The whole episode from first symptoms until finally testing negative lasted for 18 days. I last tested negative on May 25. I still have a cough and feel fatigued. I now have independently been given an appointment for a Covid vaccination on June 29. It will be my 6th. I have today read on the Health Unlocked forum that bouts of Covid and Covid vaccinations may cause significant reductions in blood platelet counts and increase the risk of pulmonary embolism. Should I proceed with the Covid jab or cancel it? Does a double bout of Covid confer plenty of immunity in itself or should I have it boosted by vaccination 5 weeks after infection? Or does the Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) reduce my immune system’s efficiency so much that the more vaccinations the better? Or do I significantly risk an embolism if I go ahead? I’ve no idea how to proceed. Of course I understand that no one can give individual personal guarantees but any general advice would be very welcome.

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Oh, @Murdoch far too medical for me and perhaps one to check out with your specialist nurse, GP, consultant or someone on your medical team who knows you and your medical history.
I will copy your post to the Blood Cancer UK nurse advisors @BloodCancerUK_Nurses
You are obviously still suffering symptoms and your GP might be able to help with those too.
I think it takes longer to build yourself back up than to get run down.
Really be kind to and look after yourself and let us know how you get on.


Thanks, Erica. As ever you are right - I should contact my own local medics. Thanks too for forwarding to the nurse advisors who are always so helpful. I suspect that the advice will be to have the vaccination. The more help the better, despite very rare side effects.
Best personal regards.


Good Morning @Murdoch,
How are you today? I am so sorry to read you are still suffering the lingering effects of your covid rebound- i can imagine just how frustrating that is.
I also understand why you might be questioning the need for a further vaccine. We appreciate that having another vaccine does feel like a lot and understand that this needs to be a personal decision.
Your question about vaccine safety and associated clot risk is certainly not a new one. There was some publications around the associated risk with the very first Astra zenica vaccine. These reports remain very rare Murdoch and as with any medicine, side effects can happen, but the approval and quality testing processes for the covid vaccines mean that serious side effects are rare.
For reassurance, all vaccines undergo a thorough review by the Medicines and Health Regulatory Agency (MHRA) before they can be given to people.

Erica’s advice of seeking reassurance form your haematology team is a really important point to help overall discuss your covid worries and indeed try to better understand your risk.

As you have suggested, it is likely that due to having covid recently, your body will be supplied with some natural antibodies. The uncertain aspect of this is, we cannot be certain how robust this will be nor how long that particular level of protection will last. Therefore accessing a further vaccine is recommended for those living with a blood cancer.

For further information around this I have linked here to our vaccine efficacy page- Covid vaccine efficacy and blood cancer | Blood Cancer UK.

Should you wish to talk things through- please know we are very much at the end of the phone- 0808 2080 888.

Best Wishes, Lauran


Thank you Lauran. Your message is highly informative and reassuring. I am impressed by the considerable research described in the vaccine efficacy link you provided. I think I’ve probably made a fuss about very little here and I apologise and am sure I’ll now go ahead with the booster. The advice available so willingly and free of charge to us all is absolutely brilliant and I thank you, Erica and everyone involved. We need never feel alone and unsupported. I have arranged a regular donation to the cause. Thanks again.


Hi @Murdoch,
Please never worry about ’ making a fuss’ your question is a really valid one and we are happy to help in any small way we can. You are equally a great support to other new & old forum members who likely will have similar questions.
Covid has been a fast and ever evolving situation over the years so to know the best thing to do for you can be really challenging.

As always we thank you so very much for your ongoing support. I hope you are staying cool this weekend :sunny:

Take Care, Lauran