To boost or not to boost?

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I caught COVID a few weeks ago and only tested negative last weekend. Is there going to be any point in having a booster vaccine, or have I, in effect, had it?


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I’ve had covid twice. The advice I have been given on both occasions is to still have the vaccine. I have copied the BCUK nurses in who will be able to give you a better reply:)
I am booked in next week for number 7 :slight_smile:
My husband has had5 vaccines he was so much more poorly than me last time .I put it down to the vaccines and then of course I did get antivirals too. Thank you our amazing NHS.


Hi @Maple I am a non medical person, but personally I am going to have the booster vaccine just in the hope that it gives me a little bit of protection.
I realise I am not in your exact situation though.
Take care


Hi @Maple,

Thank you for your question, and I do hope you’re doing okay? May I ask how you’re feeling since having covid?

We do encourage those that are eligible for the vaccine to take it, so to increase their chances of protection against the virus.

It isn’t a guarantee to have developed antibodies after contracting covid. It may be worth mentioning here that studies have shown that even if people don’t generate covid antibodies after their first few covid vaccine doses, they can go on to develop antibodies after more doses. Having multiple covid vaccine doses gives you the best chance of protecting yourself from covid.

We’d encourage you to speak with your clinical team with regards to the best timing for you to have the vaccine.

I hope this helps. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Team if you’d like to talk any of this through (0808 2080 888).

Best wishes,


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In reading this topic I got Covid after FIVE jabs. Nevertheless I will have the sixth vaccine(spring 2023 booster), because regardless of what I think about the effectiveness of the vaccines for the vulnerable, it is still the best form of Protection currently available anyway (although not an antibody treatment). I share peoples frustration & concern although YES I WILL TAKE IT, but I won’t test to see if it works! My contact with the outside world is minimal between a podiatrist and a hair dresser I’ve made a new friend called Elvis who visits everyday, A SPIDER! STAY SAFE EVERYONE! & thanks for the like @Erica


Hi Maple ive just had my 7th jab - i too have had covid twice - the first time after only one jab i was quite ill - but the 2nd time was when my hubby caught it for first time- he had had 3 jabs but I’d just had my 5th - he was poorly but not too bad but if he hadnt got it i wouldnt have even tested - I had the slightest of sore throats yet was positive - after 3 days of no worse symptoms i tested negative while hubby was still very positive - i can only put it down to the vaccinations - so for me its a big yes to boosters


Luckily I was not ill with COVID, and tested negative 10 days after symptoms started, so a mild infection. I ‘feel’ that it may be best to put a few weeks between infection and booster, so haven’t arranged my revaccination yet. I have a routine appt with my consultant next week so I will discuss it with him, but I’m expecting his advice to be to have the 6th vaccine now.

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