Cryoglobulins any information on this ,

Hello,@GemmaBCUK @,LaurenBCUK and anyone with a similar experience.I had my 12 week blood test yesterday the Dr had requested a test for cryoglobulins which i wasnt expecting .It wasnt my usual GP but he is very thorough and I had mentioned my hands turning ,white/blue in reaction to the cold . I had this test in outpatients a few years ago as it has to be kept at at body temp in special conditions.It wasnt showing I had cryoglobulins.I had requested it as my Mum had cryoglobins.The Nurse crossed the request out as we agreed it was a Hosp test and she said my other bloods would show any abnormality which I know but Im still left wondering .I understand there are different categories for Cryoglobulins not all show same symptoms ,am I right ?I have monoclonal gammopathy of unknown significance (MGUS) IgG last result was 11.30 ,still within parameters. I am seeing my own GP next week so I would like to be clued up.
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Hello @Bannanacake
Thank you for posting on the forum.
What a great question - hopefully someone else with similar symptoms will reply to you, with some reassurance and peer support.
As I am sure you are already aware that Cryoglobulins are abnormal proteins in the blood (specifically abnormal Immunoglobulins). There are 3 types; Type I, Type II and Type III - your type will depend on how many of the proteins they find. The disorder of having these abnormal protein/s is called Cryoglobulinaemia. This causes the plasma of your blood to become thicker and ‘clump’.
I have found a good website, hopefully the sort of information you are looking for:
Please keep in touch and let us know how you get on at your appointment.
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Hi @Bannanacake unfortunately I cannot help you but @Heidi_BloodCancerUK has given you a brilliant response, you might well know as much (or even more !!!) than your GP.
Please let us know how you get on next week with your GP.
Be ever so kind to yourself and follow the great supportive advice you so often give others.


Hello @Bannanacake
I hope you are well.
Is it too soon to ask about your blood results? Did you have your cryoglobulins tested?
Hopefully all is okay.
Take care, Heidi.


Thank you for asking and getting back to me as I expected it wasnt done as its an OP Hospital test.My GP was a bit miffed why it had been requested by another GP .Its caused me a lot of anxiety as everyone is of a different opinion but Im leaving it for futher discussion.
My paraprotein increased from 11.30 to 12.50 .IgG kappa.I had asked for serum light chain test which I dont think was done ,I think it has to be requested from Haematology.I was tested 2 years ago but it didnt show I had a light chain ,I was interested if it could show up now.My GP said I could have it done next time if I wanted.I was a bit concerened my MCHC level was flagged up by the lab as low but this wasnt seen as a problem by my GP even though my energy levels are lower just now.I think its probably down to having had Covid in July.
I am taking it easy