CT scan as part of ongoing remission check?

Hi all, I am now 5 years into remission from Follicular Lymphoma, which is great. However I have some life changing decisions to make and would like to have a CT scan just to make sure there are no “nasties” about to come to the fore any time soon. Has anyone had, been offered or asked for a scan as an add on to their routine check up for FL?


Hi @Mags1 good question which I cannot answer.
Good luck with your life changing decisions, I don’t envy you with your dilemmas.
I think that there is nothing to stop you asking for a scan, what the answer will be I do not know.
Perhaps we would all like to know what is in the near future.
Please let us know how you get on and look after yourself


Hi Erica. I just thought I would put the query out there. Will keep you updated as and when. Thanks for your interest.


Hello @Mags1
Are you still under a Lymphoma Follow up clinic? Do you have 6 monthly appointments or are you discharged and part of a new way of working called ‘Patient-Led-Follow up’ (PLF) clinics?
I would certainly mention to your CNS or Haematologist when you next see them, about your thoughts on having a CT scan, they will be able to best advise you, having known about your diagnosis and treatment previously.
If you are under PLF, then call your team and just have a chat with the CNS and ask what their guidelines are for scanning patients in remission, do mention your reasons why you are asking.
Take care, Heidi.

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