Cuts to virus watch funding

I am very disappointed to hear that Virus Watch has had funding withdrawn for their research into antibody protection in clinically vulnerable people.


Thank you for starting this thread @ilivesunshine, totally understandable this feels disappointing. However, Blood Cancer UK decided not to fund the study as it didn’t provide any data that isn’t already covered by studies funded through us, such as the MELODY study. And due to our limited funds, we of course want to ensure that we support a wide spectrum of research into vaccine responses.
On this page of our website you can read through information that’s been going on into vaccine research - Covid vaccine efficacy and blood cancer | Blood Cancer UK, which we update regularly.
We’re only at the end of the phone or email if you want to chat this through further!


Thanks @ilivesunshine for raising this issue and for @Alice_BloodCancerUK for clarifying the reasoning behind this

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