I wanted to highlight this story about vaccines for cancer patients

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Hi anon0 -

Blood Cancer UK have posted some messages about this report via Twitter today.

I will try & copy and paste the Tweetsfkr those who don’t have Twitter accounts.

The key message is to keep protecting ourselves until more data emerges.

Take care, keep safe

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This is Blood Cancer UK’s Tweet thread in response to the BBC report this morning.
(Apologies for earlier typos!)

Take care all,

1/ People with blood cancer will be concerned by this news. We have been worried about how much protection the vaccines will give people with blood cancer because vaccines do not usually work as well for people with compromised immune systems.

2/ This study, while not peer reviewed and only looking at a small number of people, adds to that concern.

3/ This means that if you have blood cancer, it is important that you do not assume you have protection even after you have had the vaccine, particularly after just one dose, and that you continue being careful to avoid Covid.

4/ But while this news is concerning, people with blood cancer should still definitely have the vaccine, as it is safe and even a smaller chance of protection is much better than none.

5/ This study highlights why it is so important to focus on vaccine effectiveness in people with blood cancer, but it does not tell us what factors predict if someone with blood cancer is likely to be protected.

6/ We urgently need research to get answers for this, and so far the Government has not provided the money needed to carry out this research properly. Until it does, we worry people with blood cancer face a future of shielding indefinitely, not knowing whether they are protected.

7/ The Government needs to make this research a priority. The JCVI also needs to look again at the evidence on the right timing for the second dose for people with cancer, as this raises questions about whether people with cancer should get the second dose sooner.

8/ If you’re feeling worried by this news or want more information, please call our support line on 0808 2080 888 - it’s open at 10am.


@GillM thank you for copy pasting Blood Cancer UK’s twitter message. I was a bit shocked by this news I have to say as have been actively planning return to work at the end of month having had my first jab, but now… I don’t know.


Hi @anon06, @GillM and @MoMo thanks for all this pieces hot off the press today and to Blood Cancer UK for responding so quickly with such practical information. @MoMo what a dilemma, I don’t know either.

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Oh boy talk about the worst rollercoaster ride ever! Having posted about the positivity around the Q&A I find myself being plunged back into added uncertainty. I know that the vaccine is of uncertain efficacy and I certainly am not going to do anything reckless, as why would you after being careful for so long? But the question of shielding at the end of this month becomes more important. Supermarket priorities a must to continue and other support.


Hi guys, I am distressed by the research results but oh so glad that this research has been done. My friend with CML like me was one of the volunteers and thanks to her and the other volunteers and the research team. Whilst it is upsetting, do try to remember that the numbers with Covid are decreasing. The advice already given to shield until three weeks after your second jab seems very wise now. The spring flowers are out in the garden even though today I am looking at them through tears and feel very deflated. We can share our concerns here which does help. We can encourage our MPs to follow the research peer review and encourage early second jabs for blood cancers and family members to be jabbed.
Take care and be kind to yourselves.


Hi, thanks for your positive message. I for sure hadn’t clocked the fact that we should be continue to shield until three weeks after the second jab. But gives a lot to think as my next one isn’t due until May… anyway, thanks again for more positive message and thank you for being part of this important research.

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