Our response to the first study on vaccine effectiveness in people with cancer

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Firstly, thank you so much to one of our lovely forum members GillM, who very kindly shared our response on our twitter page to the first study on vaccine effectiveness in people with cancer.

Just in case anyone might have missed this, we thought we’d share a link to our response again, here below:

We respond to the first study on vaccine effectiveness in people with cancer | Blood Cancer UK

Take care everyone, and please remember, the forum and our Support Services team are always here to talk anything through,

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I read this with dismay. My partner has CLL and approached the Marsden about getting his 2nd dose sooner or getting tested to see antibody response. He was brushed off with “no” for both. So disappointing. We don’t know what to do or where to turn to. He has been shielding for a year, unable to see his children and only able to see me when I can isolate first. It feels utterly hopeless.


Hi @Roopy99, yes, we have been shielding for a year now, it’s a very long time.
I also have CLL and I expect that I will get my 2nd vaccine, but in 3mths after the first.
Personally I do not feel the antibody tests available, mostly privately, will give me much information currently.
My thinking is any vaccine is better than no vaccine, but I don’t think there is enough data on the effectiveness with people who have compromised immune systems so I will just wait and see what the medical experts and Blood Cancer UK advise.
I am sad to hear you feel utterly hopeless, it must feel horrible.
I had counselling which helped me when I was first diagnosed.
We are here to support you both and if you would like to talk to someone you can contact the Support Services Team on 0808 2080 888 (10am-7pm Monday-Friday, and 10am-1pm Saturday and Sunday) or via email at support@bloodcancer.org.uk.
Please keep posting how you are.
Does anyone else have similar feelings?


In the same situation, waiting for a second dose of a vaccine that may prove to be ineffective after an entire year of shielding.
When is PHE going to ascertain that the vaccine it is using to protect the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable actually works for that category?
In my view, this inevitably leads to a “leap of faith” moment, where blood cancer patients either continue to live outside society or rejoin it at their own peril.


Hi @gboscherini, yes, it is so difficult to get meaningful data isn’t it and we are also so individual.
Myself I am going to take a ‘leap of faith’ when the medical experts advise, but have my ‘parachute’ face mask on, avoid crowds, social distance and wash my hands etc. for a good while.
Stay safe and keep posting, we have come this far together on this forum.

I was starting to think to the future and make tentative plans for the summer but this news really dragged my mood down on a day when I had a bad experience with a canula at the hospital. I don’t think i could bare for the current situation to continue indefinitely. If these findings are correct, at some point I’m going to have to make the decision between choosing to get on with my life and taking a calculated risk or accepting that this is all there is :frowning:


Sorry @Franko to hear that you had had a bad experience with a canula.
Yes, time marches on, a year now, I know you like your holidays, it is tough but we are all here to support each other through these times and beyond, you are never alone on here.

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