Our response to the first study on vaccine effectiveness in people with cancer

It’s so amazing because it’s so.small it’s hard grasping this thing is in your head…when they show you it’s so small… cylindrical tiny piece of chicken wire is what it looks like… my anyeurism was too small to put coils in… apparently 15 yrs ago they couldn’t treat them as they were so small.
I didn’t get my 2nd jab as planned I had a major panic attack and felt really dreadful so I rearranged it…hoping to next week but honestly I’m.so scared of side effects despite been.told it’s safe. I. Still shield…I just wont risk any thing… I even cried when they put a canular in.my arm the contrast dye for the scan …brought everything back… the nurse was so lovely to me even put their arm round my shoulder to reassure me…it’s just bottled up emotions.
Luckily my friend was with me …nurse thought it was my daughter…
Well upwards and onwards Stay safe everyone and thank you…it’s gardening day today…putting plants in pots is my limit but I love seeing the garden in flower.


Hi @Hmc63 your major panic attack sound scary and horrible and it shows how close to the surface your emotions are, perhaps it is just accepting that the feelings you are having are natural in your circumstances, but if you feel that professional help might help you then counselling is always an option, perhaps it might also be worth talking to your GP about how you are feeling.
We are always here for you so take care and be kind to yourself you have been through so much.
Has anyone else experienced these type of feelings and emotions?

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Had blood test 2 days ago.
Platelets have risen …but still.normal gone from 169 to 380…but as they reduced my.medication it was expected… might need an iron Infusion.but my neutrophils are nearly normal…as are kidney and liver functions.
So pleased. Still haven’t had the 2nd vaccine I’m to anxious and will stay shielding…I can’t cope with any anxiety at present
On a happier note I bought a large craft table and storage unit to.house my growing passion for handicrafts …14 boxes later …my beautiful friend came round armed with a drill and 3 hrs later nearly finished. She s such a vibrant person and so helpful .by luck I’d sent her a bunch of flowers…which was ironic just to say thanks for all she does for me. And my mum.
Gardens sorted…plants in
Just a question. I’ve never been a person to suffer from hayfever …but boy do I sneeze when I’ve been outside.
Can you develop.hayfever later in.life…noticed it all this year since pollen season.began.
Stay safe everyone and thank you for reading
God bless you

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Wow @Hmc63 your results sound positive.
I can really understand you being scared of having your 2nd vaccine, just perhaps give yourself a bit of time.
I am fascinated by this large craft table and storage unit your 14 boxes of handicrafts.
I cannot get over you absolutely fantastic friend who seems to willingly do anything, what a support for you and your mum. Also gardens sorted and plants in.
I have heard of people developing hay fever at times throughout their lives. Also hay fever meaning that it can be triggered by differing pollens etc… I was brought up to think it was just grass/hay. Might be worth checking it out with someone medically trained though.
I look forward to hearing more about the contents of these 14 boxes of handicrafts.
Take care.

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Been told I’ve got a form of anaemia macrocytosis. Which is as a result of the HU I’ve been taking…simply I need more B12 in my system. So waiting to see what’s next… I envisage turning into a cartoon Popeye figure eating spinach as long as it’s no.more tablets. …

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Hi @Hmc63 a cartoon Popeye made me laugh, perhaps without the pipe smoking !!!

Hi Roopy 99, I think it is shocking that your were treated that way. Personally I would have taken it further. Even if I had to get a Vaccine and Antibody check, privately, I most certainly would.

I do appreciate however, that not everyone has the financial means to do this, and I can only suggest that you keep Pestering the Marden, and your local GP’s.

Don’t let them ‘Fob’ you off, it may make life easier for them, when they do this, but can make it ‘Not Heavenly’ for us. So go ‘Get them’ if you are up to it.

All the very best. Ron.

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