Diabetes and Dexamethasone

I have been on a high dose of dexamethasone for Multiple Myeloma for over a year, and have previously had dex as part of various earlier stages of treatment. I have recently been diagnosed with steroid-induced diabetes which came as a big shock to me. Has anyone else experienced a diabetes diagnosis during treatment with dexamethasone?

It puzzles me that I was never given a baseline blood-sugar test before starting on the regular dex. Also, although can see now that it is mentioned in, for example, the Myeloma UK Dexamethasone Treatment Guide, I don’t remember ever having my attention drawn to this. https://www.myeloma.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/Myeloma-UK-Dexamethasone-Treatment-Guide.pdf

Dexamethasone does of course play a vital role in treatment for myeloma so I’m not writing this to put anyone off, but would just be interested to know if anyone else has found themselves in a similar situation.


Hi @Coastgirl I hope someone will be able to help you with their experiences.
We really are complex beings and so are treatments.
Perhaps you have some questions for your medical team as well by the sounds of it.
The main thing is that you look after yourself and please do let us know what your medical team say.

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