Documentary on Graft Versus Host Disease

Good morning to our lovely forum family and happy Friday to you all! :blush: :smiley:

A couple of our fantastic ambassadors brought this very moving documentary about Graft Versus Host Disease to our attention (thank you!)

It follows the lives of people affected by the condition, and we felt we’d share with you all.

here is a link to the video: Graft Versus Host Disease video

As our ambassadors said, the video is around 35 minutes, so do grab yourself a cup of tea and some biscuits :blush:

Can anyone relate to the experiences in the documentary?
or know someone who has been through something similar?

Please feel free to share,


This is an amazing piece of work.
I can relate to every single aspect of this documentary - it reduced me to tears, though as ever none were actually forthcoming.

I watched this video whilst rushing to get out of the house to go to my post lip cancer op follow up, and my Friday pm ECP at Guy’s.

Who did I sit next to at ECP?
Wilfred who featured and is the documentaries director!
What a remarkable bloke - TRULY INSPIRATIONAL.


Yes, @Robson, an amazing piece of work and so emotional. What a coincidence sitting next to Wilfred, yes, truly inspirational. How did your post lip cancer follow up go and how are you feeling now?
I am also struck by you saying it reduced you to tears, though as ever none were actually forthcoming, do you feel you might benefit from some help or not? Take care.

Lip wise I am in the clear :smile:
All of the malignant cells were in the jar that went down to the lab. My luck is holding :crossed_fingers:
And no beard needed! Mr Fry’s stunning team did such a first class job the scar just does not feature.
Today is a good day and I am loving it.

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And Erica, no tears because my tear ducts are shot to pieces with GVHD. I would give my left arm to be able to cry.

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@Robson how lovely that you met Wilfred :grin: agreed, what an inspirational person he is! I’m so sorry to hear about your tear ducts, are you getting any support from your treatment team with this at all?

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Hello Su,
I was diagnosed with ocular GVHD during the autumn of 2014.
I was then referred to Moorfields Eye Hospital, initially under Prof Dart and more recently (following his retirement) Mr Saj Ahmad.
I remain a patient at Moorfields, and despite the increased amount of research into this condition with the growing number of sufferers, it remains a life changing problem.

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