Second transplant

So after months of waiting I’m finally going in for a second Stem cell transplant next week,my donor is only 9/10 but due to my difficult to match tissue type this is my one and only match.Ive spent the time I had getting as fit as possible in preparation but now it’s here the nerves are kicking in.They are using cyclophosphamide instead of campath this time so not sure how that’s all going to go,apparently they let my system respond to immune response for a couple of days before introducing this drug which helps reduce Graft vrs Host issues,wish me luck,I’m going to need it :crossed_fingers:


Heya @KatieB

9/10 is a good match :blush:. Sending you every good wish and positive vibes.

Stay strong


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Good news, but I bet scary @KatieB
It sound as if you have prepared for it.
Of course and I am very honoured to wish you luck and I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you
Please do keep posting when you can.

Sending lots of good luck and special wishes. When you are able - please keep us updated on how you are doing X

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