Exercise during treatment

Hi All, I would be interested if anyone has views on this particular subject. I may have brought it up before. But now I am approaching treatment, it is more valid to me.

In Perth Australia there is a specific Cancer Hospital, which specialises in exercise during and after treatment. It is the only one in the world I know off.

From what I gather, you go into this hospital and have whatever treatment is appropriate to your cancer.

This is followed immediately, by an exercise programme designed for your specific Cancer, and treatment. This often happens straight after treatment, after which you go to the exercise area and begin, under strict supervision.

The exercise involves a variety of movements, including, Lifting weights, Aerobics, Calisthenics, (I was amazed at the levels reached)

It is supervised by Oncologists, Physiotherapists, and other Medics. It had been running for some time.

It seems that such programmes have a high success rate, and percentage of a higher quality of life, if not more longevity.

Is anyone is aware of any groups of Cancer patients in the UK who adhere to such a system.

I have been exercising, weight controlling, and eating healthy since my diagnoses 5 years ago, and hope to continue during and after treatment in an organised fashion.

I suspect that this is not for everyone, for a variety of reasons, but wouldn’t it be good if there was enough of, Like Minds’, in your area to give it a try,

Any comments would be appreciated.

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No, @Vindicatrix I do not know of any such programmes over here although I believe physiotherapists are often involved in treatment and recovery programmes.
My downfall is I feel a bit better, then overdoing it and take several steps backwards.
Slow and steady wins the race.
It is worth asking at your hospital.
Take care of yourself

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Thank’s Erica, as I intimated, this will not be for everybody, and it’s certainly a personal choice.

One has to do what one, thinks is best for them, and what they can cope with.

Many of us do manage well staying in our comfort zone and that is how it should be.

My own feelings are that for those of a like mind, I think this is an exciting progressive way forward in Cancer recovery and quality of life’.

Unfortunately, programs like the one in Perth Australia involves considerable expense, which I doubt our NHS could never consider.

I will certainly form my own little group (of one) :smiley:

All the best. Ron

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Hi there
I was referred to my local hospice in 2018 for physio by my consultant as I had been very sick through chemo and stem cell transplant plus bone lesions and T9 fracture due to tumour, to rebuild my strength as I had lost a lot of weight and muscle mass
I also was given complimentary therapies and had one to one with a lovely mindfullness coach
I continued up to and into covid until 2021

Through covid our local charity put on a week of therapies via zoom including keep fit. I still do keep fit via zoom all tailored for cancer survivors

I’m fitter now than I was going into the pandemic and we are a group of six all going through different cancers and supporting each other when we go through treatment etc
Our teacher encourages us to have a cuppa with the class and to try anything that gets the body moving even if it’s waving to the others

I would advocate doing exercise it’s great for mind soul and body :slight_smile:

Before covid I joined a cancer group at the local gym but I found it stressful being in close contact with others although we were given wipes to wipe equipement and the lady had to share her time around and I didn’t really feel I was getting anywhere then lockdown arrived
Thank goodness for zoom


Do you know I think that you are right @2DB I am also probably fitter now than I was before the pandemic, yes, Zoom is the one good thing that came out of Covid times.
Your local hospice services sound wonderful and varied
Take lots of care

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Thanks for that useful Post 2DB, I am pleased to hear that people are managing to get together for their exercise, Zoom or whatever, it’s all good stuff.

I wish you continual enjoyment, in your own personal exercise program

Regards Ron