Fertility - A place to share

Support for Fertility Issues

We know that for some people the long-term effects on their fertility can be one of the most upsetting and difficult aspects of having treatment for blood cancer.

Whilst it might feel too overwhelming to even think about it, many people do find it beneficial to talk about their fertility. If blood cancer treatment has affected your fertility, or you’ve been told it might have, this is a safe space to share your thoughts and get support from others.

Many people read the threads on this forum, some comment and some don’t – that’s okay. If you choose to share your experience we know it may help others that may be feeling they are alone in what they are going through.

This link is to the fertility page on our website and may be of help: Fertility problems

If you would like to speak to someone confidentially, for more information or support around fertility issues, you can call our Support Services line 0808 2080 888