Hernia - Post treaty

Hello all
I write sitting in the lounge chair with a saw tummy following coming back from a Hernia operation this morning.
It happened really quick as had pre opp earlier in the week and opp today so no real time to think about it, just get ready and go.

Has anybody else on here had such post stem cell transplant?

I think for me there is two worries

  1. back to being signed for for 3wks and got to do lots of light duties for a month - which feels like a backwards step.
    After getting back to being in work 2 days a week and the other days working from home, out with the family walking and doing things at the weekend it feels worrying to start again.
  2. how will my body cope will it recover as quick as people tell me or think?
    The surgeon was great doing the opp today but it was clear he had little awareness of myeloma and blood cancer, he said almost all of his patients are back up and well in 2wks so don’t see why you shouldn’t be.
    This would be amazing if I am but will that be? Only time will tell.

Any thought or views would be greatly appreciated

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Hi @Cannon I cannot help with your medical queries. I am not medically trained, but I just wanted to say to really take care of yourself but perhaps pick up on any new symptoms and perhaps contact your GP or medical teams.
Recovery takes as long as it takes especially if you have myeloma as well.
Obviously beware to putting stresses and strains on the hernia site.
Having read your other post I realise you are obviously concerned work wise
I know we often do not make ‘patient patients’. but give yourself time to heal.
Be kind to yourself


Hi@Cannon in the response to thoughts or views on recovery from your hernia op as @Erica says you need to take time to recover.I have had 2 major abdo surgeries and was given a sheet of paper with guidelines what I could do each week for 6
weeks ,one thing i remember was not to lift anything and even a kettle was heavy .My Husband had hernia repair and same for him ,no lifting or straining.Depends if it was laprascopic or incision ,was it upper or lower.They say shorter recovery for laprascopic because its not cut through muscle but even so your body needs to heal,plus you have myeloma so please be kind to yourself it’ll be worth it and I know its difficult when other people dont get it .So extra sleep,relaxation exercise if poss and keep hydrated(water) sorry if Im being" bossy ",just my views.
Surgeons and Drs tend to stick to their speciality
All the best


Oh @Bannanacake and @Cannon what a brilliant response and I agree with every word of it.


Brilliant words thanks. Yep I am being good, no lifting the wife is making cups of tea due to kettle lifting, which is brilliant but again makes you feel like a burden at times.
Had a walk round the block yesterday and plan again today as that was all the exercise I was told I am allowed since opp for a month.
I have also registered on the Myeloma challenge24 walk for June 22-26 to complete 24 miles in the week to raise some money for the great charity and force me to get out walking every day to help the recovery as that will be week 4 by then so should all be doable.
Thanks again for the feed back


Hi @Cannon slow and steady wins the race !!!

How are you doing now @Cannon?
How are you feeling about the Myeloma challenge 24 walk at this point?
Look after yourself

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Erica I am doing okay thanks, getting some good walking in ready, some days a lot better than others. It seems to have brought the fatigue back after the opp which I expect is understandable.
Excited about the challenge 24, hope to be able to smash it out.