Hi all its been a while

Hello all

Its been a while since i been on ive nit been having a great time then my phone decided to misbehave and i could t find the app to get back on here… my daft brain didnt think until today to go on through the internet… i hope youve all been well… ive been up and down trying to keep my spirits up though… on the bright side ive finally spoken to the pain clinic and she is wanting to take me off one med and add in another which will do the job of that med and act as a pain relief aswell i just need my doctor to do health check and say in not mental to make the change :rofl::rofl::rofl:… if he doesnt its back to the drawing board… i am now slowly gathering the direct line numbers for each department in the hospital :joy::joy::joy:… been all fun here with littlun as usual and the lovely dave has worked wonders on our garden still loads to do though… wet weather is causing issues in more ways than 1…
Im still my disasterous self causong cjaos wherever i go my latest one was telling the pharmasist i didnt have meds and theyd given me the ones i already had only to find out when i got home i had the meds and the ones id left at th pharmacy i should of collected …
They had even called the pharmacist i had been dealing with on his day off as i was adamant i didnt have them :rofl::rofl::rofl: all in all id managed to confuse 5 people working in the pharmacy my mother as i was talking to her at the time and myself… good day all round and i still need to go back and collect meds :rofl::rofl::rofl:
What have you all been up to ? We’ve been at a christening today… so much fun would of been better if my pain levels had been lower but thats life… i love yo hear how youre all doing especially @Erica & @Nichola75 as its been a while

Happy Sunday :bouquet::bouquet:


Hi @Ells great to hear from you, so you have been causing chaos again
Oh, if my phone misbehaves I hate it, I am not technically minded at all.
I am glad that you have spoken to your pain clinic and lets hope your doctor OK’s your meds changes soon, if you dare return to your pharmacy.
All’s well here, it was our anniversary yesterday, 35 yrs, a miracle and we went to my favourite pub by the river because I booked it.
We arrived in sunshine and left in the pouring rain. Better than arriving wet and dripping into my soup and having soggy chips.
I did have a little fall a few weeks ago and my right arm was a trifle bruised and it re-activated the worst shingles I have ever had across my chest. Arm still painful but getting there, at least I can type with it now!!!
Yep, Happy week all

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Hi @Erica
Lovely to hear from you too and im just as bad with technology ive jist invested in a smart tv and firestick for the bedroom and have been totally out smarted by everything :rofl::rofl::rofl: however everytime i message my son to save me i then figure it out so hes been having q good laugh at me trying to fiure things out…
Well normally i get my meds sent to me but they couldnt get hold of a particular one so i ended up phonining around to find a pharmacy who could get them which prived rather difficult as this is now going into week 3 of me trying but its been 2 month since lloyds havent been able to get any… if my doctor does give me a prescription ill ask them to send it to different pharmacy if they havent sent it straight to lloyds :rofl::rofl::rofl:… i dont think i can face going in there 2 more times…
Oh how lovely you have survived each other for so long how do you do it… and what a lovely place to go… your favourite choice :grin::grin::grin:
Omg im glad to hear you can type again but its strange how a fall or something can set off another thing… ive a cracking bruise on my leg wore leggings today to keep it covered so people didnt think dave was a wife beater or something as the dress i wore would of showed it off had it for the last 4 weeks just an innocent knock but i just dont want to heal up and finally after 3 years of being stabbed pretty much every month the nurses at the blood centre have finally cottoned on that i bruise easily and have suddenly stopped putting on plaster which i found out last time i waa there doesnt help and havw started putting on one of those littlew bandage things… speaking of the pain doctor id asked dave to sit in on the phone call as me and her didnt get on last time unless he was there and then she spoke to him and this time she was so lovely to me it was like she qas a different person she didnt even know he was there… dave said i wonder what got into her probably her husband :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: not quite what o expected to come out of his moutn at 8.30 in the morning…
I really hope the pain feels better soon and the brusing of course heals up quickly…
And yes absolutely happy week everyone

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Hi @Ells.
It’s great to hear from you - your posts always make me smile. You have some wonderful stories!
I’m glad you may have some relief from pain. Make sure you don’t get all those numbers mixed up. We don’t want you calling the wrong person :wink:
All good here. Just back from Disneyland Paris watching my daughter dance there. 3 days of walking and my poor feet are broken. A couple of PJ days needed.
Have you got any plans for summer?

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