How long do you usually wait for results?xx

Hello, 2 weeks today I went to see the Haematologist and had lots of bloods taken and he said he was going to book me in for a scan on my abdomen but I’ve still not heard anything for that appointment and I’ve still not heard anything about my blood results and waiting is driving me insane as I have health anxiety so I just want to know what’s happening!

So how long did it take you to get answers with the results etc… please respond! Thank you so much for reading!:heart:

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Hi @MissB in my case it depends on the tests some are a few days others can be 6-8 weeks.
As for appointment times unfortunately I believe there is still a Covid backlog, sickness, holiday season and strike backlogs.
Have you got a specialist nurse contact you could contact or the Haematologists contact details just to ask your questions.
Perhaps be honest and tell them about your health anxiety.
Unfortunately since I was diagnosed 19 yrs ago I have found that there is an awful amount of waiting and not knowing which certainly does raise my anxiety levels too. I think it is natural.
I try and do things to divert my mind, listen to music and be kind to myself.
l am sending you a link to the mind and emotions section of the Blood Cancer UK website, just in case it helps at all.
Blood cancer: mind and emotions | Blood Cancer UK
If you would to speak to someone the Blood Cancer UK support line is there for you on 0808 2080 888
Be ever so kind to yourself and please do let us know how you get on

I have always been really lucky and never waited more than three weeks. Three weeks ago I had a scan on Friday and was called on Monday , no waiting there.
This most recent wait for test results has been the hardest . It was two weeks complicated by strikes and holidays . But it really does depend on what has been tested for and what the lab is doing with your sample etc. I don’t believe there is ever a one size fits all. They do the very best to get results but then of course remember they need to be reviewed and read. It’s incredibly hard to be patient and the waiting is hard. But it isn’t going to change the outcome so it’s best to try and use the time to focus on you and do things that you enjoy. My husband and I went away for the night we had a great time. Stayed in a hotel all of 7 miles away from home . :grin: