Welcome back!

I’m so sad 😞 and I don’t know how to go on

Oh, @Rammie18 I was so touched by your post, you are so right, but you word it so wonderfully, far better than I ever could.


That’s so awful @Hikerchick . It will take time for you to heal enough to move forwards. Be kind to yourself. It’s doubly bad that you’ve lost your home too. Maybe not for a while but bereavement does get better. It will never be the same again but you will reach a time when you can make plans again and smile just in a different way. Do tell us how you get on.



“it will never be the same again but you will reach a time when you can make plans again and smile just in a different way.”

  • Love that :slight_smile:

Thank you so very much. I’m trying to take it an hour at a time and get through. I really appreciate your support, it’s good to know that in time I’ll learn to live with this better xx

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Hi @Hikerchick thinking about what you were saying about the special photos of Bernard you had I have heard that some people find comfort in making a memory box to put special memories in. It can be whatever size and decoration you would like.
You are doing so well an hour at a time.
Keep posting.


That is a lovely idea thank you. I’m going to do that, not only will it help having the photos but it will give me something to focus on too. Thanks xx


I’m so very very sorry to hear about your loss. People here have given some great advice about taking it a day at a time. After a loss as great as this I really don’t think there is any other way.

I’m also really sorry to hear about how you’ve been treated by your partner’s separated wife. I wondered if you had taken any legal advice? Even though you aren’t provided for in the will you may be entitled to financial support if you relied on your partner financially. I know this probably isn’t your main concern when you are so upset but if you haven’t done so I would really urge you to talk to someone - either a lawyer or the citizens advice bureau. This link explains a bit more:


I don’t know what your personal circumstances are but I would urge you to get advice fairly soon if you haven’t done so already.

Take care.


Thank you @Roskie i will try today to take legal advice. Unfortunately there is no will at all so I think I have to prove that I’ve been living there but I’ll take a look at the link you sent. Thank you xx


I am so very sorry to hear this @Hikerchick, I can only imagine how much this all is to process and how much you must miss him. We are here for you, both on the support line and on here. So glad your son has been so supportive, he sounds very thoughtful.


Sooo sad, take care. Xx