My loving father passed away

Hi everyone,
I wrote a couple posts here a few weeks ago, about the challenging times we had with my father at the hospital. He had ALM with LC, sadly he had brain bleeding on Tuesday and passed away.
This months have been the most difficult times for my family specially for my sister and I. Today I am grieving, assimilating everything that just happened.
Today I have a strong feeling of wanting to help others that are going through this situation, and help others in general, as my father was devoted to serving others and I want to honor him that way.
So I want to start here, by telling anyone who needs to talk, has questions or is going through a rough time to feel free to contact me I am open to help in any way I can.
I know it can be silly since I just wrote 2 posts in this group but it was important and comforting to me being able to read about others.
Thank you so much


I saw your post and didn’t want to say nothing. I am so very sorry for your immense loss - having lost my own dad a few mths ago i can appreciate that loss. What a wonderful way to honour your dad by offering your support to others here- thank you for that. I send my every wish for peace in the days and weeks ahead and moments of joyful memories. Thank you for thinking of others as you grieve x


Oh @Valentina123 I am so, so sorry to hear that your father has passed away so recently.
These last months must have been so difficult, especially for your sister and you.
It is so natural that today you are grieving and trying to assimilate everything that has happened.
Perhaps you just need some time to grieve now and there is no right or wrong way and you might all grieve differently.
If you feel you need to have some professional help it is worth checking out local or on line bereavement services.
It is so brilliant that you are offering to help others and personally (not medically or on behalf of Blood Cancer UK) I would say just give yourself a bit of time to really look after yourself.
It is fine to share your experiences on here, but I expect your batteries are really run down and you just need a bit of time to look after yourself and build yourself back up.
We are all here for you and so is the Blood Cancer UK support line on 0808 2080 888.
Be very kind to yourself, you must be absolutely exhausted emotionally, physically and practically.


im so very sorry to read this. I lost my father to covid after a battle with dementia, it broke my heart. it will be 4 years this april and im still processing it. I agree with Erica in that you need to take time for you first. i was full of ideas and ways to want to help at first maybe as a distraction for myself. Now if people talk about it i dont want to know as it takes me right back to that time. i always thought i was so strong but that has affected me worse than my blood cancer diagnosis. look after yourself first, its what your dad would want x

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So so sorry to hear your sad news. Having lost my dear Mum 7 months ago it’s a very hard time. Thinking of you and your family
Regards Nicki x

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There are no words just know your in my thoughts

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