I'm going slightly mad

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It’s been challenging …my mum is blessed with good health and at 86 is very strong willed. She is lucky she has no Alzheimer’s or other illness. Just a touch of arthritis. It’s the not going out the hard bit. I stopped working a year ago took early retirement. My blood condition was the deciding factor in this…Luckily mums lived with me for 22 yrs so we get on well… just grateful we are still here.!!

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Good morning @Hmc63. Lovely to meet you. It’s been very hard hasn’t it. I’m lucky, like you, as my mum lives next door. I can’t imagine how hard it would be (like for others) if I couldn’t see her. I know how difficult it has been - and still is - for some of our forum friends who have not been able to see family and friends. How lovely that you get on so well. I agree, being stuck indoors has come with its challenges at times! Have you managed to get out and about yet? What else have you been doing to look after your physical and mental wellbeing? I love hearing about what others have been up to. It gives gives me some good tips. Also, reading about the challenges makes me realise I am not alone x


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