Infected groin Lymph node and bone marrow biopsy

Hi All, I saw my Haemo woman yesterday for an unscheduled consultation. She was apparently contacted by my GP regarding a growing node in my groin, which is now a little sore, with accompanying yellow patch, which has since cleared.

She took fresh bloods, and give me a good physical, she says that my lymph nodes are getting larger.

As I am having a CT Scan on my neck, and a full body scan, on Monday, she will wait for the results of that, and the bloods, before she determines what treatment I need.

She mentioned that a Bone Marrow biopsy is likely, but she will know better when she has seen all the results, including the Ultra Sound two needle neck biopsy, which I am getting on the 12th September regarding the tumour found in my neck.

The thinking at the moment is hat the tumour is unrelated to my Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) or a new Lymphoma. She did however say, that the palsy I have, could also be as a result of a Lymphoma, and sometimes (Albeit rarely)Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL)

I am wondering also if I have an infection in my groin as I have been having mild pain for about three weeks.

I am also interested in anyone who has had a bone marrow biopsy, she explained in detail what it entails, and it does not sound very pleasant.

She also arranged for me to have a the Pneumococcal, and Meningococcal whist I was there. I was supposed to get a Shingles one also, but as I was a little nervous about having so many at once, she said she was happy for me not to have it.

I seem to remember some years back, about an adverse comment on the Shingle Vaccine, can anyone elaborate.

At the end of the month I am getting another two vaccines similar to the ones I had yesterday.

I have to say that so far I have been impressed with this Locum Haematologist, she appears to be experienced and has recently moved here from London.

She was very attentive and has called me at home two times in the short time I have been referred to her. She stated that she will call me periodically for an update, and to call her if I feel any radical or concerning change in my symptoms.

She reassured my somewhat by explaining that she was getting everything in place, prior to the results of the Tumour Biopsy, and I am getting the impression, that regardless of the result, my Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) will be promptly treated.

It is also worth mentioning, that many ‘Departments’ within the NHS, appear to be severely stretched currently, (Both Haematology and ENT) Iin particular, at my own local NHS Hospital.

The staff I have dealt with are doing their level best to ensure best treatment. To give an example of their dedication, my locum has just had a two week break, which actually entailed her working through most of it.

She is the only Haematologist, at this hospital, and there should be three. She tells me that whilst she really enjoys this hospital, and that it is a wonderful place to work, they do have difficulty recruiting Haematologist and ENT surgeons, possibly because the hospital is in an isolated part of the country.

I expect this is happening throughout the UK in some shape or form.

Any views, experiences, or comments would be appreciated, as always.

Regards Ron.


Hi @Vindicatrix one question I can answer is about the shingles vaccine. I think you might be talking about the ‘live’ shingles vaccine.
We can only have the Shingrix ‘non live’ vaccine that has only been available for approximately a couple of years. I attach a link to the NHS site Shingrix® vaccine for people with weakened immune systems - GOV.UK (
So it is worth checking before the needle goes in, I was the first person to have it in my surgery, so it was used as a training session!!!
I haven’t had a bone marrow biopsy but what I have read on here, is to tell them if you are anxious and perhaps go for pain relief. Some people sail through them, others find them painful.
If you think of any questions do contact the locum haematologist, she has given you her details.
My dermatology department has a long backlog too.
You have lots of unknowns and goings on at the moment please do remember the Blood Cancer UK support line on 0808 2080 888. Also really look after yourself as I find unknowns and appointments really exhausting.

Thanks Erica, I’m sure we all go through similar anxieties when there have been fundamental changes to our condition, and the inevitable waiting that invariably follows.

Hopefully I will know one way or the other soon after the Biopsy on the 12th.

I hope you are managing ok yourself Erica, and that you are going through one of the ‘Good Periods’ that visit us Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL)’ers now and again.

Thanks again for the support

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Hi @Vindicatrix.
I’m glad you are getting well looked after and that your consultant is on the ball. It’s great she is getting everything in place.
As @Erica said, everybody experiences it differently. If I had another one done I would opt for the sedation as I really worked myself up and found it uncomfortable. I think being more relaxed would have helped a lot. I’m sure others will share their experiences.
Please keep us updated on how things are going X


I have recently had a bone marrow biopsy which I wasn’t expecting. My consultant haematologist arranged an urgent face to face consultantation with him after I rang him worried about the deterioration in my symptoms.

To cut a long story short, I was told by him that I required the bone marrow biopsy there and then at my consultation so I went off with a nurse to prepare for it.

She strongly advised me to have gas and air due to it being a painful process. I declined as in the past it made me sick. She insisted and handed me a bowl just in case I was sick.

The consultant then came into the room and insisted I had the gas and air.

Now I have an extremely high pain threshold and did not have any pain relief when having my second child. This procedure doesn’t last long about 15 mins, however it is very painful. The local anaesthetic numbs the muscle but not the bone and that’s where the needle goes into. I passed out briefly due to the pain or the gas and air, I don’t know but boy it did hurt! I was sick when I got home not sure if it was the shock of the procedure or the gas and air.

I did bleed quite badly and was asked if I was on blood thinners which I am not. So had to stay for 30 mins to make sure the bleeding had stopped which it had. Obviously everyone’s different but they do it under local anaesthetic due to being able to put more patients through the system quicker I suppose. I have a feeling it won’t be the last one I have but at least I know what to expect. Expect extreme pain and I really do mean it then there won’t be any nasty surprises. If it doesn’t hurt then that’s the bonus.

I wish you well as you seem to be having an awful lot to deal with all at once. I really hope you have some support to help you through this. Everyone on here is amazing and I for one am so grateful for this site. I was only diagnosed last week with myeloma which has now spread to my bones. I am waiting to start my intensive treatment plan in the next couple of weeks. Take care and stay strong x


Hi @Trish.
Wow, a lot has happened over the last couple of weeks and things seem to be moving quickly for you. How are you doing? It must be a lot to take in?!
I’m glad you have found value in the forum.
Please keep us updated X


Hi Nichola, I am coming to terms each day with my diagnosis and yes it has been a very tough time this last 5 weeks now since my first diagnosis of my myeloma and then to be told that it has spread to my bones.

I am still awaiting confirmation of how far this disease has spread, from the full body CT scan they did on Wednesday last week.

Our local hospital is under a major incident alert as they have found the building to be crumbling (due to the concrete they used when building it in the 60’s) so have closed several wards and moved the cancer and haematology Dept to a different part in the hospital. This is seriously disrupting the treatment for the cancer patients who are having to have their treatment delayed and have to have it administered in the corridor now! I don’t care where I have to sit and have it I just need it to start it now.

I am so scared right now I have to say as I do feel my haematologist has just, over the last 3 1/2 years (since my diagnosis of monoclonal gammopathy of unknown significance (MGUS)) just been pacifying me. Ignoring the symptoms I kept telling him I had etc until 5 weeks ago after only 2 weeks since my 3 monthly telephone consultation with him, I rang to say enough was enough and I needed him to listen to me properly!

Thank goodness he did and since that day my life has been turned upside down with the news I was dealt following the bone marrow biopsy. Plus the team revisited a CT scan I had back in February and they found lesions in my ribs which confirmed the myeloma has spread to my bones. The radiologist missed this! I could have had my treatment 7 months ago and I now have to wait for the MRI results which I had done last week to see if this awful disease has already spread further around my body.

I am sorry for the off load of my worries right now and I am very much a positive person but this has literally taken the wind out of my sails. I need some control back in my life now and the specialist nurse on Friday went through what the next 10 months of my life will be like. I have been advised to give up my job which I love. I am a support worker ¶ to a lady with Downs Syndrome (after retiring from the police 6 years ago) and it’s breaking my heart. So much to take in at the moment I am totally exhausted from it all.

I know I have to hang in there and from all the lovely people on here you are my saviours but today so far I am having a bit of a wobble. Fear of the unknown is the worst feeling ever and I am trying to stay positive for the sake of my beautiful family too. Life sucks on times but I must must must try and stay calm and take each day as it comes and make the most of my good days.

Sorry for the rant but I also want to say thank you to all the wonderful people on this forum who are doing the most wonderful job on here supporting complete strangers with lots of love, amazing advice and above all giving up complete hope for the future when many are in a very dark place x


i had bone marrow biopsy and i had no anaesthetic and was offered none. it was unpleasant but not unbearable.
it’s also going to make you feel better since the biopsy will remove the unknown. and if there is anaesthetic available then you have nothing to worry about since it will be relatively painless. i wish they’d offered it to me!


So sorry you had so much pain and a traumatic time i had bone marrow biopsy and and entinox plus local anesthetic…i had no pain except for the last maybe 10secs when a tiny bit of bone was extracted and i think it is how each individual body reacts


Hi @Trish.
Never apologise for off loading on here, that’s what we are here for and you can say what it’s really like for you.
Reading your story felt so overwhelming, so for you, I can only image what it has been like the last few months living it.
They always say we know our bodies better than anybody so well done for keeping pushing for answers - it shouldn’t have been that hard but you made it happen.
All of the added complications at the hospital can’t be helping either and I completely understand how you just want things to get moving - waiting is so hard!
Have you got support around you?
I will copy the link for the helpline below. They are there for you, as well as the forum.
I will check in with you in a couple of days and if you feel able to, keep us updated on any developments.
Please take good care of yourself and keep posting. We all understand.
Sending a huge hug :heart:


Link as promised x

Blood cancer information and support by phone and email | Blood Cancer UK.


Thanks Nicola, that was very helpful, I will just do lot’s of slow beathing, and hope for the best, I’ve decided to just go with the flow, and see where it takes me. (Smiley)

Regards Ron


You really are being put through the mill, Trish, and I cannot even begin to think how much angst and pain this is causing you.

It seems that in your particular case, that mistakes, and wrong decisions have been made, in the past, which are being corrected now. (Quite frightening)

Keep on fighting, you sound like a strong person, and I do hope, much better days are ahead for you.

All the very best Ron


Hi Ron
I had my first bone marrow biopsy in my first consultation where I got my myeloma diagnosis
They wanted to do it to confirm
I had five local anaesthetics at the time and it was bloody painful and because of that the samples weren’t good enough and I had another the following week with gas and air
My CNS sat with me guiding my breathing it in when to slow when to breath quicker etc
I felt no pain only when I stopped briefly and then CNS got me to continue again
I usually cry after having gas and air :smiley:
Cup of tea and a biscuit and I drive myself home

Our haematology unit had a shake up a year ago
The two main consultants one being mine both brilliant left after being under her for 5 years
It was like a bereavement for me.
We had a few locums come and go both female and male and it’s taken till now to be under one of the last of the old group of consultants thankfully this month
It’s been a really stressful time for me but I feel more confident going forward.


I empathise with all that you say regarding Locums and Haematologists.

My own department is down to one, locum, and huge backlogs. (They just cannot recruit at the moment)

Keep on Keeping on, and all the best.



@Trish don’t you worry about ‘offloading’ or ‘ranting’ that is what we are here for.
You have so much going on and very most of it out of control, which is so scary.
I think it is like feeling and being on an out of control rollercoaster, just hold on tight and we and the Blood Cancer UK support line will support you through this.
Look after and be very kind to yourself.


Hi Erica

Thank you lovely I have such mixed emotions right now because I am so cross the radiologist missed the lesions on my ribs shown on the CT scan that was done in February! 7 months ago!

I am going to complain and I would like an explanation into how and why it was missed really if only to stop it happening again! I know if I had messed up significantly in my job as a police officer my employers would investigate me! And rightly so!

Goodness knows how much damage this disease has done to my body in that time! I dread to think really.

This is cross Trish talking sorry I know it’s all part of the process and I don’t usually get cross but I do think I have a good reason to be. Only a fobbing off from the consultant and not even an apology from them! x


Hi Nichola thank you once again for your kindness and advice x


Hi cross @Trish if you wish to pursue the matter after your radiologist/consultant there is PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) at your hospital.
Yes, it is natural that you are feeling angry, it is all part of the process, and a lot better out than in and here and a diary are good places to do it.
I found a diary useful especially to look back on and realise how ill I felt and what I was thinking.
Just take it a day, hour, minute at a time and you are enveloped by your forum family xx

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Hi Ron, totally agree all are different when it comes to bone marrow biopsies. Just wanted to say my hubby has had numerous done - never been offered sedation or gas and air. Absolutely fine with all of them, feels pushing and pulling but not pain or even discomfort. Ive been with him for most of these and can confirm he was fine ie hes not at it! Every good wish