Iron Infusion

Hi everyone…hope you are all as well as can be

Had my first Irin Infusion last week all went OK though have some flu like symptoms now which i believe is quite normal in some cases

Fatigue and low iron and feritin has been a pain in the butt in recent times…a common thing for us all i know…give it a week or two and ile let you know if it has been a help…can help some folk and not so helpful in others so wish me luck

Love to you all :heart:


Hi @Leefer I am glad that you have had your iron infusion, yes, please report back in a week or two.
Wishing you loads of luck and it’s hard being a patient patient.
Take lots of care


Thanks Erica…and you

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Hey buddy @Leefer

I have a ferrinject (iron infusion) when my symptoms get bad! It’s a proper boost to the system and almost instantaneously ends all symptoms!

Hope it works for you too


Thanks…only been a couple of days so fingers crossed…look forward to seeing the benefits

All the best​:+1::+1:

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Really hope it perks you up @Leefer - fatigue can be surprisingly disabling. Best of luck. X


Thanks very much…appreciate your kind words👍