Lenalidomide maintenance therapy

Hi everyone,
I’m very impressed how you can all post so efficiently!
I have no idea


Hi @noritaki and welcome to the forum. It takes a bit of navigating but you’ll get there. @Alice_BloodCancerUK, I’m sure there was a document about navigating the forum or was I dreaming? Thought it might be of use to @noritaki.
How are you at the moment @noritaki? I look forward to learning more about you :blush:


Hi @noritaki a great big welcome to our forum and I think you have done a brilliant job of posting.
I am absolutely useless digitally.
I often learn something even now.
There are no right or wrongs and we are a friendly lot on here.
Always ask any questions on this thread and I look forward to hearing more about you.
Look after yourself

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Hi @noritaki sorry you’re having trouble posting! You’re certainly not alone, I think others have had trouble with this! This document might help but it does need to be updated - Guide to getting started - Welcome to the Blood Cancer UK Forum - Blood Cancer UK Forum

To post a reply to someone in a thread, simple press the ‘Reply’ button on the bottom right-hand corner of their post.

How have you been getting on?