Letting you know how I am 😊

Hello All

I thought I’d give you an update…although I don’t have any firm news yet.

I went for an MRI scan couple of weeks ago and after two weeks of anxiety awaiting to hear the results, I have now got an appointment to see a Myeloma specialist to talk about the results…and also have my next lot of bloods…I go in next Wednesday.

Still suffering with back/hip pain…dizziness…and on day 13 of headache (probably anxiety) Also been suffering with constant ringing in my ears…it’s not unbearable but always there when everything goes quiet :thinking: not sure if that has anything to do with anything, but thought I’d mention it.

Anyway I will let you know my results next week.

Hope you are all keeping as well as can be expected…take care :kissing_heart:


Oh @Beki yes, anxiety can really muck up my continual roller-coaster of thoughts, emotions and body and bodily functions and yes, headaches and dizziness.
I also have constant ringing in my ears but blamed working in a continually noisy environment and also listening to music too loud years ago.
Who knows what has anything to do with anything.
Please let us know how you get on next week and please look after yourself.

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Hi @Beki and thanks for the update. I hate waiting for results and I think that anxiety is probably adding to your headache. I hope it eases soon.
Please let us know how you get on next week. I’ll be thinking of you X


I think I would just wait to hear what they say and then you know what you’re dealing with and can make a plan. Hope things go well for you. Let us know how you get on.


Hi @Beki I have been thinking about you, how are you doing?

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Hi @Beki

Just reading your message today . I get a heighten sensation in my ears too . I’ve had MRI , PET and radiotherapy . Awaiting another MRI next week.
Let us know how you are doing . I’m still awaiting stem cell on carfilzomib for myeloma too . 10th cycle … Diagnosed March 21. Take care for now . There’s a specific online group for myeloma sufferers . I’m sure your lead nurses will tell you . There’s a little group of us at the hospital day unit . If you want to ask anything please do . Take care for now .

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