Hi just a quick word to say that after my wobble on monday am feeling more positive. Thankyou Erica and Gemma xxx


@karencreasey I am so glad that you are feeling better.
Please keep posting on the good and bad days.
I look forward to hearing more about you.
Be ever so kind to yourself.

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Thank you Erica you are a lovely lady. My next appointment is on Friday so I will keep you posted. Karen x


That’s really good to hear. You good care of yourself :blush:

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Hi just had my appointment with my lovely doctor. No immature cells in my biopsy! still waiting on some more results but definitely going in the right diection. Thankyou all xxx


Great news @karencreasey I know you have more results to come, but I still think a celebration is in order. Look after yourself

I agree with @Erica. Definitely a celebration needed. Keep us updated and take good care of yourself x

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Hello @karencreasey, I am so glad to hear you are feeling more positive and that you had a good results too. Do take care,

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Good morning to you all.
Quick update,still waiting to see spinal surgeon regarding MRI Results lumbar Spine,saw orthopaedic DR that arranged mri,but this is not his specialty.
But as mentioned last post L4/L5 compression? Disk? Fractured? Not sure .
The Dull ,stabbing,back pain that radiates to hip ,thigh especially left side more.14 months of this.
MGUS last March.
Next Bloods June ,this wotch & wait
Wotch &worry
Wotch &Stress
Wotch & Cry
Wotch & hurry up June
Wotch & hard to get on with life .
Those of us that understand bone pain ,it’s our body we not making it up DRs .
Sit down hurts
Lie down hurts
Anyway April 12th got Op back 13cm Lipoma! Hopefully it is once biopsed.
Autumn Back to Cardiology to Review Pacemaker to have .
Right Coffee time
Enjoy weekend
I review Monday peeps. Regards Kev
Keep going to all MGUS leukaemia myeloma sufferers


Yes @Kevin1 all your thoughts and emotions sound all too familiar to me.
It is relentless and never ending isn’t it.
Bone pain is really something else isn’t it.
Please let us know as things evolve.
Look after yourself


Take care Kevin lots of love x