Masks in clinical settings


I’m not worried in the slightest. I’ve got CML and have had covid twice.

If you’re at all worried you may wish to wear surgical grade masks?

It isn’t easy for people to converse or be aware of people’s emotions through mask wearing. We didn’t have the need for masks during the winter flu and cold seasons. PD

I agree with what you are saying. We have to be bold for our own health’s sake. My family and friends are happy to comply with masks, testing, open windows etc. And if we educate others about our needs and the reasons why, then we are doing a public service! I’d never heard of Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) or ITP before I was diagnosed but I’m happy to help folk understand the need to be careful.

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It is unsettling. In fact it is unsettling how dismissive so many normal people become. Have you sent for any of the ‘Keep your distance’ badges - mine have lymphoma on but I guess there are similar for other issues. It is also hard when you have a simple issue and have to hang on the end of a phone for hours to contact the GP. I had asked for a phone appointment and the reminder suggested it was at the surgery. I tried numerous times over almost 24 hours and I was just trying not to let them down by being in the wrong place!

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Great that you have a ‘keep your distance badge’ @nelletap
Isn’t life a stressful struggle sometimes just to speak to a GP.
Take care of yourself and please keep updating us

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My husband and I had to visit a hospital outpatients ward a few weeks ago before masks were reintroduced. I believe my husband contracted Covid during the visit, as someone was coughing nearby in the waiting area. I think they were only wearing a surgical mask. I was lucky to avoid it because I was in the consultation room at that time. We were both wearing FFP3/2 masks. I am glad that masks have been reintroduced but wish that FFP3 masks were mandatory for hospital visits as the surgical masks don’t appear to offer enough protection to others.


I don’t think I even noticed if my medical team have been wearing masks at my appointments as I’m just so used now to nobody wearing them. I wear one when I go for bloods but the staff taking the bloods don’t. Other than that, the whole mask wearing thing seems to have slipped from everyone’s consciousness.

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I have noticed hospitals in the same area vary on the mask policy. My local nhs hospital seem to encourage masks and about 70% in the main waiting room wore them and all clinicians but a private hospital close by was the opposite. In the waiting room i think only one other patient had a mask on but my consultant wore one. When i had to go for an MRI the staff didn’t wear them.

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