Medical information & Identity Cards

Hello All,

We will all either have had or should have had an ‘extremely vulnerable’ letter, email or text, either in LD1 or LD2…I know many haven’t!
This contact information has been gleaned by someone, from somewhere?
So we are all on a database with various information & gaps.
Now there is talk about having to prove you have been vaccinated before gaining access to private establishments i.e. pubs, in the future.
Well, why don’t we all have Identity Cards with any relevant information stored on them.
Inoculations, with dates administered & reminders when the top ups are due.
Emergency contacts.
Medical History.
Hospital Appointments.
Optical prescription.
& myriads of other pertinent information.

I know this idea is historic & there was uproar about human rights etc at that time however,
Now most people have got a smart phone. On this they have potential to input their medical history, credit cards, diary, notes, etc.
Some have the COVID app. This even maps your comings & goings.
What is the difference?
They have something that has all their pertinent personal information or has the ability to store this. If they use a cloud to store their info it’s all out there in the ether…on some enormous bank of computers somewhere in the world.
All this information is out there somewhere, in some form anyway.
They don’t scream about personal rights & protection of personal information then.

We could have a card with a chip installed which could be flashed on entry which would show that we’d had the vaccine & all would be well in the world.

If you’ve got nothing to hide…Why not?

What are your thoughts on this?


I agree completely with what you say.
I have my medical details and emergency contact on my iPhone.
Identity cards for all are a great idea which was shot down when it was proposed some time ago.
Look what happened then. An uproar about Human Rights and invasion of privacy.
Did you happen to see the anti mask and anti lockdown demonstrations recently?
Banners proclaiming “ give us our freedom “ no masks worn
Freedom to infect many other people?
Identity cards would also prove you had a right to live in the UK too!!
I’m probably not allowed to say that?


Many countries in Europe its compulsory to carry an identity card, why not here?
As you so rightly say “what have you got to hide?”

Hi @Corfu80, interesting thoughts, yes, I think this is the way of the future or actually we might soon all be chipped at birth.
I was offered facial recognition or finger print recognition for my laptop, and probably mobile phone, but then I thought if I popped my clogs my relatives would not be able to access either devices.
I know we are not supposed to write down passwords, but in this day and age and with my memory I had to write them down in a password document (called something boring so no one would think of what it is) and the document is also password protected. I know you have to remember that password and your relatives need to know it as well !!!
I would be happy with a medical id card with all pertinent, only medical, information on it, although I could, of course loose the card. I actually have that data in a typed out piece of paper that I carry round with me.
I wear a medical alert necklace with my relevant data and NHS number on it.
I have the Covid and Zoe apps and the Zoe app has my Covid test data on that.
I believe you get a certificate of such now to say you have a negative Covid result, but I am not carrying that around. I remember I received my test result by text which is on my phone.
I’ve rambled on but I am happy for everyone to have my medical data, I await others thoughts.