MPN and respiratory viruses

Wondering if others here have come down with any respiratory viruses and feel especially wiped out by them? Perhaps it’s to be expected considering our blood cancers affect our immunities.

I caught a chesty virus a fortnight ago and am only now regaining the energy I had before, which wasn’t exactly great due to my Polycythaemia vera (PV). After testing negative for COVID-19 my doctor tested me too and it came back as RSV. There doesn’t seem to be any medicine for RSV so I’ve relied on honey and lemon tea, echinacea, and rest. So bored of resting!

I still have a bit of a phlegmy cough and ache from coughing so much. More concerning is that my liver area begins to ache as the day progresses and then fades overnight, only to start aching again over the next day. I’m loath to contact my haematologist as he thinks I’m “oversensitive” so thought I’d ask here first if this aching happens with others?

Not that I want anyone else to have bonus ailments but I wonder how long others are ill for with these sorts of viruses? Any empathy would be gratefully received!

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Hi @DuncanI have Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) and I am on watch and wait and I have never had chest problems before.
Probably about 6 weeks ago I got a chest virus/infection.
I tested negative for Covid.
The GP thought it was a virus, so no antibiotics
I have had an x ray and and the hospital consultant instructed antibiotics.
The x ray showed that I had fluid on the lungs and damage on the left lung, possibly from working with chemicals for 20 yrs. He also said that my heart was enlarged especially one chamber.
Anyway antibiotics have helped, but have left me with a cough that sounds like a car that won’t start.
When I was at my worst I could not even walk down the road without stopping.
I am trying to walk again and take deep breaths of fresh air
Anyway lots more tests to come, we await.


Oh @Erica, I was really hoping your ailment had faded. I hate to think of our guiding light being poorly. I wonder if you’ve had the RSV that’s been going around? Apparently there’s quite the “tripledemic” of COVID-19, colds and RSV. Grim.

I’m glad you’re having tests and being thorough about checkups, but the coughing gets to be its own very annoying thing, doesn’t it?! Sitting here with yet another mint and honey tea to stop my throat being so literally irritating. Sounds like your virus really affected you badly if even walking down the street became harder. Please let us know how your upcoming tests go, I’ll be thinking of you. Don’t forget to take your own lovely advice to take it easy on yourself :hugs: