My son's ALL leukemia

Do children diagnosed with ALL cancer surviv.are there children who are survivers

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Dear @Bm1
Thank you for posting and welcome to the forum. I really hope that you find it an informative and supportive space.
May I ask is it your son that has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL)? If so, have you been able to speak to your son’s Haematology Consultant or Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) about prognosis?
A general answer to your question is that yes, children diagnosed with ALL can survive. I would add that survival is dependent on disease risk which the Consultant can speak more reliably about. These conversations are important to have with the treatment team as they will know the clinical situation in detail.
Here is our information on Childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) - what is it, symptoms and treatment | Blood Cancer UK, within this webpage, there is a particular section on Childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) prognosis | Blood Cancer UK
I do hope that this helps and please do get in touch if you would like to talk to one of us in Support Services Blood cancer information and support by phone and email | Blood Cancer UK
Kind regards

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Hi @Bm1

First if all, I’m so sorry your son has been diagnosed with ALL - you must be in a very difficult place right now. I’m glad you’ve come to ask for support - this forum is so valuable in that regard.

I don’t know anything about ALL unfortunately - I had the other acute leukaemia, Acute myeloid leukaemia (AML)- but I do know that leukaemias are now so much more treatable than when I was growing up. I actually had my leukaemia just a couple or so years ago, and after chemo and a stem cell transplant, I’m really well- and I was diagnosed at 50. Children though are much stronger and more resilient, and every trick in the book is thrown at them to get them through it.

Hopefully someone with direct experience of childhood ALL will get back to you, but in the meantime, please keep talking to us if you’d like. I’m a mum, and I’d have been in a far worse place if my then 14-year-old son had had leukaemia rather than me - it’s every parent’s nightmare.

Hope you’ve got some support around you, and get a clear plan from the haematologists soon. X

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Oh @Bm1 I am so glad that you have found us, I cannot imagine how you are feeling and thinking and it is so much worse when it is your chid and you are powerless to make them better.
Research and trials have come on leaps and bounds in recent years.
I cannot better @GemmaBloodCancerUK and @Fullofbeans responses to you, but to reiterate that we are here to support you and so is the Blood Cancer UK support line.
Please do keep posting I look forward to hearing more about you both and the main thing you can do is to really look after yourselves

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Thank you so much. He is responding well to chemotherapy.he completed his first section and he is in remission.its hurts so much to see him in pain. Filling helpless and can’t help him in anyway to fill better. He had a swollen spleen and liver and couldn’t even sit. His mother disappeared when she heard of his diagnosis and I have to struggle and fight with him in this… it has drained me in every perspective. I even looked for such groups in Kenya I couldn’t find one but am glad I found this


Oh, @Bm1 oh, I feel for you, feeling helpless must be so, so hard, especially when he is in pain.
You also have to work through the fact that his mother has disappeared.
Yes, you must be completely drained in every perspective.
I am presuming you are in Kenya and I am sorry you have not got a local support groups.
As I said before it is so important to look after yourselves so you can look after your son, please do keep posting when you have a chance

Yes am in Kenya, i
will do just that. Thank you