New blog: Anyone can overcomes their dark times Get inspired and get yourself a copy of my book, and support Blood Cancer UK at the same time! (See blog for a link to the book). Here are some recent reviews to inspire you:

“What a joyful and fascinating story this book was. This book is, at times, funny, heartfelt, deeply informative and chock full of fascinating twists and turns- like a great trail run through the woods and beautiful fields of life and living. The book catches and grabs you, from the fun book cover to David’s life story, to deep dives into the history of leukemia, the beginnings of mass long distance running events and many other informative turns along the way…Get this book, and just know, you’ll want to read and read again. It’s a page turner and a joy to experience.”

“very-well written autobiographical account of a leukemia survivor, includes humor and some scientific information; I found this very inspiring reading and I recommend this book to anybody who encounters life challenges and needs to find the strength to resolve them!”