Sharing my story via Book: Now it is getting attention!

I am sure many will agree that fundraising can be challenging, but it can often be rewarding. Now mine has become very rewarding as my book and the charity has been featured on the official Great North Run site (just next to a story about Mo Farah’s final GNR!! I am hopeful this will raise the profile of my book and the charity - and more importantly, help raise more funds!


The only negative that I can think of is that they have given away my age. Oh well, it happens to all of us :grinning:

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If you haven’t got your copy yet, there is link to it in the story. I am getting a lot of postive comments about it so I am confident you will enjoy it (and hopefully get lots of useful advice that will help your own ‘journey’ with blood cancer).


Perhaps @DavidAmbassador having your age so publicised means that over the years everyone will that is still your age!!!