New here - in remission from stage 4b Hodgkins Lymphoma

Afternoon all! Chuffed to have found this forum and you lovely folks :wave:

In Sept 2018, and at 30 years old, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma, which had spread from my lymph nodes to my shoulder, spine, pelvis and right hip. I underwent 4 rounds of BEACOPP Esc (blergh) and went into remission in Jan 2019.

I’m now 33, and celebrating 2 years in remission (touch wood!). I’m endlessly grateful to still be here - though I won’t sugarcoat my experiences; I’ve been left with a number of crummy issues such as mobility problems and infertility. But hey, I am here to moan about it, and I will not ask for more than that.

Keen to connect with others who have been through similar experiences, and to offer what support, advice and cheeky humour I can to those going currently through it (I kept a blog through my experiences, which might be of interest to some). Strength in community :black_heart:


Hi @Selkie, you sound fun and a great big welcome to our forum, yes, there are some lovely folk on here, I find it very supportive and I hope that you will too.
However if you would like to talk to someone our brilliant support line details are above.
It sounds as if you have really been through the mill since your diagnosis in Sept 18 and through Covid times as well.
I have not gone through what you have but what I have found is no matter what your diagnosis or treatments we often share similar fears, thoughts, feelings and practicalities, cheeky humour or rants. We seem to understand as others just cannot.
Let’s hope others will be more assistance, but as targeted treatment plans are now the way forward it gets more difficult sometimes.
Take care and never lose that sense of humour.

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Hi @Selkie . I’m glad you found us - it’s a great group. I can’t relate to your particular issues but I think we all share some of the same experiences in regards to diagnosis etc. It must’ve been really difficult. How are you doing?