Remission from NHL

From @James - Am I the only one whose come through a stage 3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma diagnosis and treatment and am just pleased to be ‘’me” again. I opted for enhanced BEACOPP chemotherapy,and although at times it was deeply unpleasant I’ve been in remission for 16 months now and am suffering no side effects and am on no medication.

I’m back to work full time and just getting on with life,I rarely give cancer a second thought.
Sometimes however I feel a bit of a fraud in that I think I should be scared or anxious about things and I’m not.i just get on with my life,I eat what I want and drink what I want too.
Am I odd or is this normal?


Thanks for your post. I think our bodies all deal and cope with events, thoughts and emotions in different ways. So I do not think you are odd or normal (what is normal???). I would say just get on with your life and enjoy and appreciate life. I think I eat a bit healthier now, but I certainly also treat myself. I choose to lead a healthier lifestyle now and really enjoy going to the gym or taking Pilates and Zumba classes, I am at an age where I don’t care what I look like and I love the dancing and I am pleased to be getting fitter and stronger working out in the gym or doing Pilates. Please let us know what you are getting up to.