Not feeling alone with Cancer

Hey all -
I have just released blog entry number 6 :scream:
This one is much different !
I talk about results but it’s mainly directed at people who feel alone in how they feel!
I had family and friends write about how they feel knowing I have cancer (including an interview with my 3 year old neice) -
I know a lot of people who view my blog, don’t have cancer but a loved one who is battling or unfortunately lost their battle, so I did this for them to read and feel not alone in how they feel :two_hearts::reminder_ribbon:
Feel free to have a read, much appreciate it, also it’s a long one!
And feel free to look through and view my other blog entry’s on my journey :muscle::crossed_fingers::reminder_ribbon:

Thank you in advance :revolving_hearts:


Hi Leanne, thank you so much for sharing your blog. It’s fantastic! A real insight into what it’s like for you and also a really lovely and interesting idea to ask your loved ones to share what it’s like knowing you have cancer. It must have been quite emotional for you reading what they had written. I wrote a blog while my son was going through his leukaemia treatment and I found it really therapeutic and I had some lovely messages from people in the same situation saying how helpful it was. I am sure yours will be the same. Cancer can be such a lonely experience and it’s such a help to people to know they are not alone. Well done and keep writing x


Leanne, thank you so much for taking the time to write this blog from other perspectives than yours, so enlightening and I am sure it really will help so many others not feel so alone at a very fearful, scary time. Keep blogging, please.

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Have just caught up on this @LeanneCMLx thank you for writing and sharing it! Have you been writing much recently?

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