Pins & Needles and breathing not recovered

Hi, not been on the forum for a while but felt I needed to come on just to explain my concerns. I’ve been in remission for over 6 months recovering from LG NHL stage 4A, completed 6 rounds RCHOP. Also had Covid soon after but recovered and I am fully vaccinated. Latest bloods in Dec21 normal. I have never really got back to my normal self as I used to exercise and run and keep myself and my weight the same. My weight is normal. I still have a problem being able to do what I used to do. I have started to get pins and needles which last for hours. It affects my arms, legs, hands and feet…I also have some ache sensation on my left side and become out of breath just playing with the dog! Am I being too impatient in wanting to feel normal after 6 months and has anybody else experienced pins and needles sensations. I am also not sure if the booster jab (nov 21) has caused this latest development…I am awaiting my GP appointment and also I am due to go for blood tests as part of my aftercare for patients with history of NHL and Covid. Any advice or support is very welcome.

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Hi @MarkJ, personally I think these are great questions for your GP, especially your symptoms…
I think your body has gone through a lot emotionally, physically and practically and in my experience it takes a long while to build back up.
I think just take it steadily, baby steps and all that, and build yourself and your exercise up slowly.
Be kind to yourself, you have been through a lot, and please let us know what your doctor says.