Problem at work grievance raised against me

Oh @Mothas I bet you could really do without being a part of an employment tribunal and have it hanging over your head.
The main thing is to look after yourself and your wellbeing.
Please let us know how this evolves.


Hi Mothas
I am sorry that this is dragging on.
It does sound a step removed from you now which may help you to distance yourself a bit.
It is not possible to function well and avoid deep seated stress which obviously affects your health too. I found that stressing ‘in my head’ made me feel worse and chatting with my gorgeous husband helped me, especially when he invented pet names for the other people involved. I had been protecting him from my upset - what a silly thing to do!! His ‘What is the worst that can happen?’ made me realise that it had all grown huge in my head and heart and I needed perspective.
I do hope that you have people giving you strength at this time. When it is all over it will recede and you will be stronger. Stay well my friend and if you need help inventing pet names I am sure we can come up with some although it would be a shame to deprive you of that stress busting fun.
Take care Grandma Jo


Brilliant text @GrandmaJo and your husband’s idea of in venting pet names is great.
Me and my stressing head can be worst enemies sometimes
Look after yourself