Raised platelets

Hello all,

I’m not sure if this is the right place to come for a chat really but I thought there’d be no harm in creating a post and seeing if anyone can shed some light/share their experiences with me. If I shouldn’t be posting here, I really do apologise.

I am a 27 y/o female and I’ve had a slightly raised platelet count that was noticed this year in routine bloods for low iron. I didn’t realise but it turns out my platelets have continuously been a little bit raised since 2020. I’ve been back and forth the GP this year having blood tests as they wanted to keep an eye on this and they’re not coming down to where they should be (GP said that’s <400), they’re just fluctuating by 20/30. I didn’t think much of it to be honest but I saw a different GP the other day who said they’d need to consult Heamatology to ask for some guidance - I asked why this was as generally, I feel ok and she said certain types of blood cancers can be linked to high platelets. I didn’t expect that, I just thought this was all related to my low iron (which has been improving).

She asked about family history of cancers, I explained several family members have had various types of cancer. As for closest blood relatives, my Mum has had cancer twice over the last 5 years, the first time being non-hodgkins lymphoma and sadly when the cancer returned, it was a brain tumour (although currently she’s had all her treatment and is doing great, doctors are really happy with her progress).

I’ve done some research - as you do - and I don’t really think my platelets are that high to be honest compared to others when reading various articles and forums. I’m also a little confused as some articles say <450 is normal, others say <400. They peaked around 560 in March but generally have fluctuated between 430-470 since 2020. No blood test has shown they’ve been below 400 since 2019.

My initial visit to the GP was due to feeling dizzy frequently, noticeably fatigued and having reoccurring headaches and having had low iron in the past, I thought it would just be that. I mentioned to the GP that I also get a strange tingling feeling in my hands and feet, as well as ringing in my ears a few times a day - neither painful or causing me much bother, just something I’d noticed. I also have started getting Campbell De Morgan spots this year which was new for me. The iron tablets definitely improved the headaches but the other symptoms have remained.

I just wanted a chat really to see if anyone else had been in a similar situation and whilst I know this forum can’t offer medical advice, I just wondered if in others experience, the above platelet counts I’ve mentioned seem only marginally raised? I don’t know if there’s limits when it comes to various diagnosis (eg: <500 normally not concerning) or if there’s anything I should be given a sort of ‘heads up’ on whilst I wait for the GP to chat with Heamatology. I’m not feeling too worried, particularly because I feel ok in myself - all the symptoms I have aren’t causing me grief, just more something I noticed - but I don’t know, just thought it would be worthwhile chatting through.

Anyone else’s experiences would be appreciated.

All the best, T xx


Hi @tcox a great big welcome to our forum and you can post wherever you like, don’t worry, you did well. It is taking that first step to posting which is so important
I sounds as if you you are having medical tests to rule conditions in or out and how your levels are varying.
I have also noticed that the odd one of the normal ranges have varied slightly over the years.
I will copy your post to the Blood Cancer UK nurse advisors for you.
@BloodCancerUK_Nurses and I hope others will be able to share their experiences.
If you would like to speak to someone the Blood Cancer UK support line is there for you. 0808 2080 888
What I do relate to is the not knowing and time we are awaiting tests, appointments, results etc. I find it is an emotional and anxious rollercoaster even after the 19yrs since my diagnosis.
Just be ever so kind to yourself and look after yourself and please keep posting

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Hi Erica,

Thanks for coming back to me, I really appreciate that.

I’m grateful they’re being cautious nonetheless but like you say, it’s abit of a funny time being unsure of what’s going on with your body and not quite feeling 100% yourself.

When you say ‘I have also noticed that the odd one of the normal ranges have varied slightly over the years’, what do you mean sorry?

Thanks again for reaching out, all the best xx


Hi @tcox what I meant is every time I get a copy of my blood test results my copy gives me my results and against them the normal ranges.
Very occasionally what the results can show is the laboratory testers actually test against slightly different normal ranges.
I hope that is clearer, sorry.
However I have been having blood tests for 19 yrs.
Please do ask any questions that you might have.
Really look after yourself.


Hello @tcox
Just wanted to say hello and it was good to chat with you on Friday. Hope that it helped and do remember, we are here on the Forum too if should you need us.
Take care