Tests for blood cancer

HiI have had low iron for over a year in January 2024 I was experiencing horrific bone pain after I move around actively.

I have lost 9 stone nearly in 2 years by doing very low calorie diet on and off.

When I was 9 stone heavier I had no pain or problems.

When I had blood tests in January I had full blood count ,every routine blood test the NHS give in uk,the test came back OK apart from

Low vitamin D

Low Iron

Low Selenium

My hair has thinned 50 percent ,I’m very pale and my chest hurts when I’m stressed which is alot as I’m currently studying a qualification for 3 years so if I fail it’s alot of pressure on me etc.

I have even given no help from my doctor at all,he said you would need to go private if you want investigate as nhs guidelines don’t permit this.

I’ve been taking 4000 up vitamin D a day,but I’ve got low vitamin d2 and d3 along with the low iron and Selenium and I’ve read online if your low on one thing it just won’t work.

I don’t even though if I’m taking vitamin d2 or d3 ,it just says vitamin D

I’m very lost and I feel as if I’ve got a underlying problem as I have unexplained bruising for 2 years now but the bruises are only on my legs no where else.

They are the size of my hand and appear from no where,i have hundreds of photos of bruises .

My aunt has myeloma blood cancer and my mum has lupus.I know people say it don’t relate to families however there seems to be a issue with bloods.
I have had to see my aunt go through transplants/chemotherapy/radiotherapy and know alot on myeloma,this is what i think i have although been to the doctor since as he cant seem to see the pain my bones are in and i showed him bruises he didnt say thing.
The bruises are massive purple and black.

Can anyone help me in any direction, I want to go private for deeper blood tests or anything however it will be expensive, I’m looking to have a specific test that maybe could solve this ?
Does anyone know a specialist or anything .

I have read about Vitamin D IV and Selenium IV

I’m worried as don’t want this to develop into an illness untreated as its been 3 months now and my hair is falling out even more.

I told the doctor and he said your hair looks fine

I’m 28 and lost 9 stone as i was very overweight im now 12 stone.
The problem i am having is bone pain,its any bone in my random pain,so currently as i type pain in left elbow,bottom of back and legs.
Im noticing unless i stay at home /sit down all the day,when im out shoping / walking i have severe leg pain the next day.
The pain is where the bone marrow is/legs.

But im getting the random pain everywhere daily,i will close a window for example ,the movent of closing the window will hurt my arm.
I feel like i have a illlness thats not being treated and will be left too late,its the bone pain thats a problem.
Im not going to get anywhere with the doctor ,he was very young and friendly but doesnt seem to care ,i was crying at the appointment because my body hurts.
Is there anything i can ask for ,this was just a generic GP.
Its been 3 months now and im now in more pain ,hair thinning etc
I have not been given any medication only over the counter vitamin d that i brought.
I just need help with seeing whats causing the bone pain/low vitamon d/ferratin/Selenium, if nearly all my bones hurt everyday what test for bones is it a CT scan or MRI.
As i was thinking of just paying £1000 to have it done privately, as the bone pain is just too much,it goes away when i take paracetamol but then comes back after.

Any advice tablets ,tests or anything would help.

Thank you


Firstly welcome @Hannah6885 to the forum and thank you for posting.

Reading your post and it’s contents, though I’m not at all medically trained or in the profession I certainly think your right to be concerned and I think you’ve experience pretty poor treatment from your gp.

Again with no medical background I would certainly recommend going to another surgery and getting another gp to assess you or if you have access to a walk in centre maybe that may give you the second opinion you need.

It really does sound like you’re yo-yo’ing in how you’re feeling with numerous issues which could be a result of lots of things or brought on by one.

The private route sounds expensive but you really can’t put a price on your health but you may just get the experience or hear what you want to as your paying for it and to be seen as doing something which may cause extra expense… I know I’m massively contradicting myself here but I would say go with gut and the route that will give you peace of mind.

There are now lots of private companies that can now analyse your blood and deficiencies though again I’ve no idea how accurate these are but may give you something to return to the gps with.

I certainly wouldn’t let this sort itself out as it’s not going to help you physically, emotionally and mentally.

Problem with seeing a new gp is it’s very hit and miss and I personally find some make you feel your care and welfare are paramount and others just want to get through their patient list as quickly as possible.

Please do keep us posted as I’m sure when others read your post their add to give you sounder advice

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Yes its not very not feeling knowing theres something wrong just dont know what to do.
I didnt realise the young doctor would just say theres nothing else we can do as he has to follow nhs guidelines.
I thought he would investigate why i have bone pains/big bruises for 2 years /low vitamin d ,low ferritin,low selenium.
But its now worst than January, if i go back it will just be what he told me "youve already had blood tests ".
However i presume there is an illness somewhere but just have to wait till it gets worst,which is not what i want to do.

If anyone knows any private specialists or recommends anyone, i am happy to travel.
Im going to go one more time and ask for some sort of scan of bones as the pains are just everywhere today .Last week i had a pain /little lump on sternum right in middle of chest ,this week its not as sore,i also told him in December i had bad vertigo when getting up and down from bed,would pnly last 3 seconds but kept going dizzy.I dont know if this is because low vitamin d.Its just so frustrating as cant tell him every problem because its everyday pains ,ive had a look online i wouldn’t know what specialist or anything really
I will try for a scan ,if he says no i will be very stuck,as im presuming they can see reason to why theres so much pain if i have some sort of scan ? Im not sure

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Hi @Hannah6885 I am so glad that you have found us.
As @Rammie18 says it is the not knowing and waiting that is a horrible place to be.
Firstly thanks for your comprehensive post.
I am certainly not a medical person but having read your post you show perhaps that with your personal medical history you might be quite a complex case to diagnose.
Perhaps have your notes written out in a diary format and any tests you have previously had done and the results.
Then start ringing round private hospitals and vet them, what they have specialists in and what they provide and for what price.
Then make your decision.
From my personal experience anxiety certainly did not improve my health.
Of course you will be anxious, we are human, and the longer we do not get a diagnosis then the more anxious we will be.
Please do let us know how you get on, it is a horrible position to be in, and be kind to yourself

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Hi there
I’m going to link you a GP guide from myeloma uk that may help you formulate questions for your GP
and you can see what tests are required

I have myeloma with boney disease
My consultant when I asked if it was hereditary said it wasn’t but my kids are at higher risk of developing myeloma. Should they develop symptoms to ask GP for myeloma blood testing.
I’m first line myeloma in both sides of my family

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