Blood results

Hi ive just come on here as im worried about my mum . About once a month she gets ill for a week. Temperature, shivering aching etc .She aches alot and is itchy . She had a blood test and the main thing that was wrong was her serum vitamin b12 .
Instead of between 197 -771 its 1718.
She hasnt lost any weight which is good .she is due a reoeat blood test in a week .
The only cancer in the family was her grandad had leukaemia . Would other things be showing uo if it was that thanks


Hi @Samantha38 glad to hear from you again.
You are obviously so caring and are naturally concerned about your mum.
I am also pleased that your mum is having a repeat blood test next week.
The questions and concerns you have are really best asked of whoever has asked for a repeat blood test, with your mum’s permission, as they know your mum’s whole medical history.
Please do let us know how you get on and really look after and be kind to yourselves


Hello @Samantha38

Sorry to read that your Mum is having episodes of being ill. It’s good to know she is having blood tests to find out possible causes and will be having her blood tests repeated, is her GP arranging a follow up appointment to discuss these with her?
Unfortunately, it is difficult to answer what else might show up in her blood tests, and what this might mean, as there are so many different tests and a medical person needs to consider the whole patient; symptoms, past medical history, current medications, other blood tests (liver, kidney, bone) etc, not just one blood test reading on it’s own.
This is why is it good to know her GP is ordering repeat tests (and possibly other tests). Do write down any questions you both have over the coming days, so when you speak to the GP you can ask them to clarify things you might be unsure of.

If you are worried about your Mum having a blood cancer, this page on our website is very informative and describes the different blood tests taken if a blood cancer is suspected, you may find it useful to have a look through: blood-tests Do let the GP know if this is one of your worries, and hopefully they can reassure you.

Take care, Heidi.

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