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Hi everyone,

I’m going on my first holiday since being diagnosed with ET (JAK 2) and was after advice on getting the right travel insurance please. Also an idea of how much insurance costs with this condition. I am in the management stage and my Heamo team have said it’s absolutely fine for me to fly and I’m at no ore risk of DVT etc then anyone one.

Also, a bit concerned that once I ask for a quote, the whole Insurance world will know of my condition. Thoughts on that also appreciated.

Many thanks and best wishes to all for good health.


Hi @Shell33 others might be able to help you more but this is always a tricky question and if you can find someone to cover you it might be quite expensive,
It is a matter of shopping around and you say you are concerned that if you tell one insurance company of your pre-existing condition the whole insurance world will know, does that matter to you?
The question has been asked before on our community forum somewhere under travel insurance.
Good luck and enjoy your first holiday since diagnosis.


Hi @Shell33. I’ve just gone with StaySure. Questionnaire online which generates a quote. Prices vary depending on different factors. They were really helpful when I called to clarify a few things. I have lymphoma so can’t compare quotes. Please let us know how you get on X


Hello I have ET and have in the past got travel insurance with Staysure and the costs were only marginally more price wise, ET is one of their listed conditions. Depending how long your flight is, it is wise to take your condition into consideration pre flight and during, just good water hydration and moving whenever possible, I know a few MPN patients use compression socks/stockings too. Enjoy your holiday


We have had travel insurance with our Lloyds bank account for a lot of years but have just changed to Nationwide as it offer more flexible cover to suit our needs to be able to add on for longer holidays.
I have ET as well as other health conditions which Nationwide are able to cover for an additional premium, around £130 a year which i consider to be very reasonable. The cost of the account is £13 a month which covers additional things such as car breakdown and mobile phone cover.
As for flying with ET I can tell you we have had 3 foreign holidays this year and i have come to no harm!
Since being diagnosed with the condition 6 years ago i have flown many times long haul including places such as Australia, India and Vietnam
I dont wear compression socks but do make sure i walk around regularly and drink plenty of fluids.

Hope you have a great holiday.


Thank you all, I appreciate the advice and suggestions.


Just wanted to let you know I went with Staysure, great service and quote was less than travel agent with no declared issues! Thanks all.

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Hi @Shell33, great to hear that you are heading away on holiday and the Haematology team have also given you the go ahead. I would urge you to talk directly on the phone to the comapnies you call and a letter from the Haematology team is also helpful with your diagnosis and treatment on it.

We have some travel information on our web pages here when you have a blood cancer diagnosis and also here from our colleagues at Macmillan who also recommend particular companies and give advice on the process.

Here are some other companies for comparison and review:

Staysure Travel Insurance:


Hope this helps and do let us know if you need any more support.
Kind regards


@Elaine here is the link x

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