Updated version for discussion. Anyone experienced this too?

Woke up this morning with bone pain in my left arm near the elbow, my skin feels rough to the touch. I noticed I have red and purple spots all over my body in various and a rash: My main concerns are the bone pain I am experiencing and the dots on my skin, on my left arm I have one purple and 3 dots all in the vicinity of each other; has anyone else had this experience? Only a few more weeks to my appointment, it is a shame they could not get it done faster so I can get a diagnosis at least.

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Hello @jmattox89. I would encourage you to get this checked rather than waiting for your appointment. Is there a possibility it could be shingles? If so, some antiviral tablets could ease the severity. I have had shingles twice and the second time I had a very small cluster of spots a bit like you describe, plus pain. I wish you well. Willow X

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Are you diagnosed; are you on treatment, maintenance, remission, watch and wait? Do you have any comorbidities?

Any could show different symptoms. I’m a diabetic with excema who gets rashes, aches and I’m knackered! Oh and I’m on full time targetted cytotoxic therapies for a BC.

Is it the BC (in Bone Marrow) or the Diabetes or the Hypothyroid or the Excema causing the aches and itches. Or is it just having had too many birthdays?

I know its easier said than done but unless the pains etc. screw up the quality of life try and hang on in there. If its getting too much then its chase your med team/GP.

Hope you get both relief and peace of mind soon.

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Hi @jmattox89 as I always say I think it is worth getting any symptoms checked out and to stress the severity and impact on your life.
Take care of yourself