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Hi there,

Thought I would update you. Work has not improved and I have decided to resign. My wife and myself were discussing things and we have decided to pack up and move back to Scotland. Ive decided to leave at the end of next month. January, I intend to do nothing and have a good rest. I am a keen photographer so want to take a lot of photos ie street photography and buildings. Im also planning to do a podcast to talk about my health as previously mentioned . My type of Leukemia is rare and not very well known about. So If i can help someone, brilliant. I purchased some more video attachments for the camera so will be easy to record. Speak soon. Joe


Hello @Jbeaver12

Thank you for posting an update on what is happening for you right now.
It sounds like there’s lots for you to be thinking about and focusing on - particularly a move!
I am sorry to read that your work situation hasn’t improved, I’m sure that the decision to resign was not taken lightly, but sometimes it is what’s needed to take the big step to making other life changes.
Having January off and being able to concentrate on some photography sounds blissful! (I’m rather jealous!) I love landscape photography, particularly hills and mountains, so if I was moving to Scotland it would be to Aviemore. If you can, please share some of your photos with us.
You may or may not be aware that at Blood Cancer UK we are often needing ‘Voices’ to represent views and experiences from people affected by blood cancers. With you mentioning that you were planning on doing some podcasts I thought I would be cheeky and signpost you to this page: helpshapeourwork/involvement. I think your idea for a podcast is a great one, and will certainly be of help to others.
Please do get in touch if you’d be keen to get involved with us too.
Best wishes, Heidi.

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Oh @Jbeaver12 I am so sorry to hear that your work situation has not improved.
I really admire you and your wife discussing both your futures and what you want out of them.
A move back to Scotland sounds brilliant to me and as for taking up your photography again, bliss.
I am also very excited about your proposed podcast, and I am sure Blood Cancer UK will be so grateful.
Please keep up posted on developments, I await with anticipation.
Also look after yourselves, moving can be stressful, trust me!!

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