After researching vitamin supplements it seems the recommended vit D dose in the UK is totally out of date. According to many experts we should be taking far more vit. D3 than at present especially if you’re over 70 or don’t get much sunshine. Apparently vit. D is difficult to increase by diet alone and most countries northerly situated have to little sunshine which is the main source of vit. D.
Some research suggests Vit D. could be very beneficial in fighting disease. Anyone got any experience of increasing Vit d and vit K 2. Seems the NHS guidance is way out of date.
Best wishes

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Hi @Unclejack I do take Vit D daily but for my osteoporosis.
I am 73 yrs old.
I do walk a lot so I do get the sunshine rays.
Yes, best wishes to you too.

Thanks for your reply. I have been researching many things since diagnosis. The one thing that stands out is vit d3. It seems current recommended levels of vit d3 are woefully out of date. In fact I have seen comments that the levels were based on flawed science many years ago. I have NOT found evidence of Vit d3 effects on blood cancer. But apparently it is recognised as effectively boosting immunity in particular to respiratory illness, and helping rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis etc. Apparently inflammation is directly involved in these diseases. My wife also takes vit d and calcium for osteoporosis. I did discover that people who work outdoors in the sunshine can produce up to 25 thousand units in a day via the skin. Without any toxicity. So it seems our 400 unit recommended supplement Is woefully inadequate. Also because there is little money to be made as Vit d is cheap, research by big pharma is not taking place. I really would like to boost my vitD substantially this Autumn but after the COVID-19 pandemic my trust in medics AND science is almost zero. My experience with my haemotology dept. has NOT boosted my confidence either. My GP recommended the Normal NHS level of supplement which I didn’t question at the time, I thought she would think I am a crackpot. Anyway sorry to go on but I really am trying to help myself however futile that may prove to be. Seems even talking about any alternatives nowadays on any subject is dangerous. I really feel big brother is monitoring anyone who questions anything these days. Anyway hope you and all the gang are well.
Best wishes