What were your symptoms/blood test results?


I am currently going through the process of figuring out if I have leukaemia with my GP and I was just wondering what your symptoms were, and what your blood tests looked like if you were diagnosed?

Did anyone have a normal/unconcerning blood test result but still have leukaemia?

Did anyone have to press their GP for a referral for a biopsy?

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Hi @fireofthephoenix

Firstly welcome to the forum and thanks for starting a new discussion

I think everyone’s story/journey starts and was endured differently and although blood test results confirm things it is different in each persons case.

My diagnosis was given over a course of years and though I was suffering from different symptoms at different stages than once diagnosis was given and you then read up all the symptoms you end up thinking “it’s blooming obvious and why was I not diagnosed sooner”.

The challenge is it’s unlike finding a lump or suffering a near death event symptoms for blood cancer can be easily disguised. A route a doctor may take is to work through a lesser diagnosis and work up to the more “serious” ones… others may do the opposite.

Although blood test results and Google give baseline boundaries of where certain things need to be to be classed as “normal”; normal is different for different people. I strongly believe (and this maybe the maths teacher part of me) that having lots of data over a period of time (if you have it) to see if something is concrete or if it’s just a rare occurrence. I wouldn’t want to be diagnosed on a whim or on a single persons opinion. Which is why it’s so important to write things down and keep a record of things from weight, diet, exercise, other symptoms both physical and mental.

I always find/imagine finding a diagnosis is like solving a crime. It could be obvious and easily solvable but it can be complex and time consuming. Either way you want confidence it’s done correctly and thoroughly.

Wish you well and glad you’ve found us. Please don’t hesitate to let us know how you get on and regardless of the outcome there are some amazing supportive and knowledgable people here to accompany you through it all.

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Hi @fireofthephoenix a great big welcome it must be a worrying time not knowing what is wrong with you.
I think @Rammie18 has said it all brilliantly.
We are all special, unique, complex beings and as @Rammie18 says a GP goes through a fact finding process to rule conditions in or out.
It is not all about the levels of blood tests necessarily it is a combination of different criteria like age, medical history, family history, other conditions, medications etc.
I have never had a biopsy although many of us have.
The waiting and not knowing are the worst feelings, please really look after and be kind to yourself. Please do let us know how you get on.